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The X-Factor to Your Happiness Is...

You need to realize that you had THE ONE THING you've been searching for all your life to create your own true happiness!!

I don't care what you do in this lifetime, the one thing that will determine your success will be your MINDSET. 


I don't care what kind of talents you possess, what sort of achievements you’ve had or what kind of money you make, your MINDSET is key.

What you have currently in your life, started out as a thought. Yes!! Everything you like in your life right now is everything you thought of having at some point in your life.

I’ll give you an example. This is going to be funny but it’ll give you good insight on what I’m talking about. Every year (around September) I grow out the Afro. Silly right? Let me explain. I cut my own hair. I began cutting my own hair when I was in high school.

You see, in high school, everyone wants to look awesome. And to have a fresh fade was everything. My grandfather used to cut my hair every two weeks but that wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I needed a fresh fade every week. Then my mom’s boyfriend began cutting my hair when I was a freshman in high school. He was able to cut me up every week. Awesome right!! That is… until I wanted a haircut before a dance. Then all of a sudden, he didn’t feel like it.

So I learned to cut my own damn hair. I wanted a fresh fade every week and I would do anything to get it. MINDSET. I had plenty of botched haircuts and uneven fades. It was bad. Or in the words of Charles Barkley, it was turrible.

Over time, I got awesome at haircuts. I could do a short fade, grow it out long, fade it up, have someone braid it, I had complete control and that’s what I envisioned.

No waiting on anyone.

So now back to me growing an Afro in September. It would get super cold during the Chicago winters so to buffer against that, I grew the Afro. I hate hats and this is a good solution for that. Don’t laugh. It’s the truth!!

One day I was watching a show called Parenthood on NBC. It’s no longer in syndication but at the time, I saw an episode of this young dude with dreads down to his waste. Yo that’s dope!!, I thought to myself as I watched this program. MINDSET. Yo that’s what I want. I want dreads that look as good as his.

So in 2011, I grew my Afro out to the point it could be dreaded. And thus my dread process began. The itchy head, the retwisting, the beginning ugly phase, I went through it all. Why? MINDSET.

All because I saw something what I liked and subconsciously and went for it. It’s not like I spoke out loud and confirmed this, I subconsciously made a choice for what I wanted and went for it.

From 2011 to 2016, I grew my dreads to my waist. All the while keeping this vision of what I truly wanted in my head. I also had another image. At the time that, I grew my dreads before I got done playing football for a semi-pro team. But I wanted to have another crack it playing. So my comeback (to playing football) was to look like the NFL players that had their dreads flowing from their helmet. My exact look was to be Richard Sherman. Same helmet, same hair, same look.

And guess what, I did?

What’s the point of all of this? Your thoughts of what you can accomplish are shaped in your mind. Your mind will determine the amount of success you will have. You will go as far as your mind takes you. If you limit your dreams, you will limit your success.

Your MINDSET is the X-Factor. It’s what gives you what you desire everyday. It’s what work towards everyday. Right now, you’re working towards something. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’re working towards it.

It doesn’t have to be something you’ve outwardly claimed by saying it. It could be something you desired inwardly. Like my dread story. What you desire, you will subconsciously go after like your life depends on it. You’ll make (what appears to others) as irrational decisions to get what you want. Why? Because you’ve conceived it in your mind.

Now before I get all the haters and naysayers that say all the bad things that happened to them aren’t what they envisioned, I want you to understand something. Right now you’re working towards what you deem as pleasurable. I don’t care to know what it is but it’s what you’re working towards and everyday, you look to make that dream possible.

Focus on these thoughts. Make sure that you take control of what you desire. Make sure that you shift your thought process to a positive outcome. Remember my dread story? I didn't say, I want dreads and to be pulled over by the cops all the time because of my dreads. Now did I get profiled by the law? Of course. But that negative outcome was not a part of my vision.

In other words, don’t think about all the bad shit that can happen. Those worries are sufficient for another day. That doesn’t mean you should shelve what could go wrong. It simply means you need to focus on what you have the power to change and not focus on the shit you have no control of.

MINDSET. Take control of it or someone else will control it for you.

Stay positive,


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