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Increase Your Self-Development and You'll Increase Your Superpowers!

Most people spend money trying to look good or look rich but they're empty inside and lack self-confidence. Why though?

There are a few things that I used to think were corny and stupid: Writing down goals and self-development. Boy was I dumb...


Most people focus on fixing the outside but completely neglect the inside. Why is that? Perhaps it's because we can visually see who you are before actually getting to know you. But that's convo for another day about judging a book by it's cover.

This is about focusing on what most people neglect the most. Self-development.

Self-development really starts with one question: Are you being your best possible self that you can be.

Are any of us? No. We aren’t. We are in constant pursuit of bettering ourselves. Self-development is essential in life but most importantly if you're going to become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you must always look for ways to solve people's problems and make life better and/or easier for the masses. It’s about taking a problem and finding a solution.

But in the process of that, you will need to learn how to better yourself through mind, body and spirit.

This is something that you cannot ignore. There are many people that think they’re “good” when they’re not. If you’re not sharpening yourself then you’ll become dull in the aspect of life.


Podcasts: There are millions of podcasts out there by people that are making a difference in the world. Entrepreneurs should be looking for a podcast by their mentor or someone they look up to or aspire to be like. My mentors are Grant Cardone and Andy Frisella. I follow all of their podcasts and I’m always taking mental notes on how to be better at my craft.

They also say many things that I’ve already committed to in my life which helps to reinforce what I’m doing and it helps to keep me on pace on my journey.

YouTube: YouTube is an excellent avenue to search for motivational speakers on just about anything that you’re in need of. You need help on how to create sales, crush your goals or how to strengthen your mindset in the entrepreneurial game, it can be found on YouTube. There’s no reason to not search for what you want via YouTube or Google.

Google: That brings me to Google. I remember when I was in college when Google first came onto the scene. For a research paper, my teacher told us to Google it to find the information we needed. I remember thinking what the heck is Google?? It was so new that she printed the home page to show us where we’d be when we hit

You can Google ANYTHING. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be abusing this platform. Google takes the time out of the archaic way of finding information. You know - searching encyclopedias and going to the library or contacting 100 people to find what you wanted. I mean hell, they even have Wikipedia. Abuse all of these platforms to get the information you need to further your own education. Life skills and education.


It’s important to keep your body in tip top shape. Most successful people aren’t in good shape by accident. Something as simple as drinking the proper amount of water can change everything. One thing that I heard in a podcast and over and over through other forms of reading is that many successful people drink 12-16oz of water as soon as they wake up in the morning.

I read up on this and found out that it’s a good way to flush the impurities in your body and to sort of jump start the body to get ready in the morning.

Exercise is the ultimate. It keeps the mind sharp and helps to release those endorphins to keep you feeling good about leading an active life instead of a sedentary one. When you’re sedentary, your mind becomes inactive and disengages in life. You can even become depressed. It’s important to involve some form of exercise in your daily life.


It’s important to connect with your inner being. This is where you’ll find out what your purpose is in life. Doing what is connected with your inner being will help you to feel a greater sense of fulfillment in what you do on a daily basis. When you’re not connected with your inner being, you end up running on the hampered wheel.

You know what to do but you end up just doing things for basic survival. Working becomes a task that you do because you need money. Money to survive. There’s no purpose to your work but you know that you need money to live. So what ultimately happens is that you get stuck.

Look to find your purpose in your life. The best way to do this is to write down your top five personal and professional goals and put tasks towards those goals. This way, you have a purpose to your doing instead of just doing.

Self-development is essential to your growth in life. It’s imperative as an entrepreneur. You’ll never be able to help others if you haven’t been through your own mental, physical and spiritual battles and were able to solve them through developing yourself.

Simply put, self-development is your way of teaching yourself how to live a better life EVERY DAY!

Stay positive,


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