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Slow Down. Stop. Simplify

When life gets complicated, it's time to simplify things.

Are you feeling like a crazy person? Overwhelmed, losing control, gotten off the beaten path? I'm about to simplify EVERYTHING for you STARTING NOW!


Here’s a short article to help you slow your day down from the chaos and gain back your control. Ready?

Slow down and do one thing at a time and be sure to finish that ONE THING. There’s a billion problems to solve, 200 emails to respond to, 300,000 purchases made and 10 million ways to create value using your social media for marketing and networking.

When you feel yourself being overwhelmed by all of this, it’s time to slow down. It’s time to take a moment and say to yourself, okay I’m ONLY focusing on this ONE TASK until I’m done with it.

It’s the best way to get rid of the sideline noise and hyper-focus on what needs to be done. It’s also the best way to take back control. You’re literally telling yourself that I’m doing this one thing and nothing else matters.

Learn to stop and take a break. It'll save you from future headaches. In the world of #NoOffDays and #TeamNoSleep, it’s easy to get caught up in these mantras.

But sometimes you need to take a break. For real. There are times when you can work, work, work like Rihanna says in her hook for that popular song "Work" but there are also times when you mentally need a breather.

It’s good to walk away, take a breath and enjoy some fresh air. Get out of the house. Stand up and move. Go to a different location. Whatever you have to do to just STOP to take a break, do it. Even if it’s for 15-minutes. You’ll be surprised how much this recharges you. Also, I’ve been known to take naps. YES - naps. I work from home so it’s easy for me to get in a 20-minute power nap. If you’re not like me and work at a brick and mortar place, then go to your car, put on an eye mask, set your alarm and put in some earbuds of calming sounds.

Learn to relax your mind for the day so you can regain control of the chaos.

Super simplify things. SERIOUSLY - it'll save you many headaches. This is actually my favorite thing to do. When I feel overwhelmed or I feel like things are getting out of hand, I make sure to halt all activity for a minute and simplify my processes. Often times we become overwhelmed because we think of too many things that need to get done at some point and/or ultimately need to be finished today.

Do yourself a favor: get out of the tangled web of thoughts and simplify your methods. Keep everything as a 1-2-3 process. This way, your mind can focus on completing a block of activities while still maximizing your day.

Quick easy methods to keep you going so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Now go and crush today!

Stay positive,


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