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Mastery for Kids!

Monthly Virtual Event

Your kids will elevate their confidence
in the first 30 days!

Open enrollment going on now!


"Fred was more effective and communicative than any other professional we had worked with for our daughter.

Not only did he provide her with constructive direction and consistent encouragement, but us as parents as well - cheering us on with successes and rallying behind us when we were discouraged. We wouldn’t hesitate to hire Fred again!"

Jennifer Wilson

Ready for your kids to have ​the confidence that helps them succeed every day?

With school getting back in session, your kid will be experiencing anxiety and frustration with new classes, new schoolwork and feeling disoriented by new routines. 

Why do my kids need this now?

As parents, can we be honest with ourselves for a second? All we really want is our kids to be happy? But it's incredibly difficult to see our kids struggling to navigate life's obstacles when their confidence level is low. It tears at our souls and WE DO EVERYTHING WE CAN AS PARENTS to make them feel like they can do anything. We cheer them on, we tell them 'you can do it' but it just doesn't seem to be enough.


Here's some challenges your kids will face ...


Lack of Energy - Always Tired


Anxiety Prevents Them From Taking the Next Step


They Self-Sabotage


Too Much Drama in Their Life


Constant Feeling of Fight or Flight


Negative Self-Talk


Social Media or Screen Time Addiction


Always Afraid of What Others Think 


They Think Everyone is Winning Except Them


Hard Time Staying Committed to Things 

Want your kids to overcome their challenges and have

unshakeable confidence? 

NOW is the time to start!


"Coach Fred has such a positive energy that made it easy for my daughter to relate and open up to.

She always looked forward to their sessions. He always keeps it real and shows genuine concern and a want to help each individual.  Highly recommend!!"

Steffanie Wilson

Each month, they will master a new level of confidence!

Mastery for Kids!

Transforming Kids Lives Through Confidence Mastery!

Open enrollment going on now!

Month 1 - September: Commitment

The hardest part for most kids is committing to something for fear of failure or not measuring up. 


In the first month, Coach Fred helps kids to take an easy approach of committing first and figuring everything out later. This takes the pressure off kids for the need to be perfect from and allows them to freely find their level of confidence through trial and error. 

Month 2 - October: Ownership

This is the growth part of mastering their true confidence! 


Coach Fred help them identify all obstacles as challenges to conquer as opposed to thinking of them as problems that overwhelm them. This growth part will catapult their mindset to seek new challenges!

Month 3 - November: Never Quit

Many kids compare themselves to others or may think a task is too daunting or simply don't know where to begin which leads them to quit before they even begin. 


Coach Fred helps kids simplify life, clarify their vision and take small actions that lead to big results!

Month 4 - December: Finish

Perfectionism stifles a kids progress. 


This is the month that your kid will break through new barriers and learn the importance of becoming a finisher over perfection!

Month 5 - January: I Am

Every kid is born with their own set of unique talents and characteristics that make them AWESOME! But they may not believe in themselves just yet...


This is where Coach Fred empowers your kid with helping them identify their strengths and how to double down on improving them as they grow and go through the school year!

Month 6 - February: Dependability 

There are mental traps that choke progress and kills your kid's ability to be dependable. 


Coach Fred will help uncover these hidden traps lying everywhere in their mindset that keep them from sticking to their good intentions!

Month 7 - March: Energy

Phones, tablets, social media, gaming, tv, you name it, it has our kids FULL ATTENTION. But when it's time to do homework, the energy isn't there ... why?


Coach Fred helps kids simplify how to maximize their good energy based on their flow state! Kids will understand how and why they get super excited and incredibly tired and how to identify peak times to use peak energy!

Month 8 - April: Never Late

Procrastination is the enemy of progress and often times kids rely too heavily on it.


In this month, Coach Fred will your kid identify the behaviors that lead to procrastination and help implement simple changes that will get them drastic new results! With these new results, they'll NEVER want to be late again on any project or task.

Month 9 - May: Consistency

They greatest thief of progress and goals is the lack of consistency.  


Coach Fred will help your kid make staying consistent easier and more possible for them to sustain!

Month 10 - June: Effort 

The last month will be epic! This month will really expose what's holding them back from being more confident in themselves.


What they think, they'll believe and what they believe will determine the amount of effort they push forward with. Coach Fred will teach them how to change their self-limiting beliefs so they can empower themselves with the ability to master 100% unshakeable confidence!

Ready for your kids to be their most confident selves?


Kids rediscover themselves!

✅ Kids will discover who they really are and how to be themselves and grow confidently into the person they want to be!


✅ Kids will master their skill of keeping a promise to themselves because they'll know what they really want and have clarity to stay committed.


✅ They will eliminate fear and anxiety because they'll finally believe that they are enough and are worthy of all they have and achieve as a result of higher confidence levels!

Kids master their thoughts!

✅ They'll master the ability of choosing to think on what is true, what is good for them.


✅ They'll feel worthy of enjoying life and understanding the importance of allowing good things to happen to them.


✅ They'll feel more alive and free from worrying what people think because they'll establish a foundation of self-trust and self-integrity 


Positive impact on their lives

✅ Kids will get coached on how to find their purpose, pursue their passions and start to make a difference in their life.


✅ They'll master the muscle of courage and learn how to activate it, even when the voice of self-doubt and fear are still present


✅ Your kid will finally feel like a newer better version of themselves full of confidence and good energy!

They'll be more bold!

✅ Your kid will learn to break the pattern of overwhelming stress in their life.


✅ They'll learn to let go of the need to be perfect and learn how to be more of a finisher!


✅ Your kid will experience freedom from self-sabotage, shame and the cycle of inner critic that's keeping them stuck.


Here's what you get when you join

Mastery for Kids!

Transforming Kids Lives Through Confidence Mastery!




✅ 10-Month Complete Confidence Mastery Program


✅ Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Plus Coaching Replay)


✅ Weekly Self-Confidence Challenges


✅ Full Access to Extensive Call Replay Archives with hundreds of hours of Coaching


✅ Quick Win Courses with 3-Step Specific Strategy for Quick Breakthroughs 

✅ Member giveaways, contests, support and more!


✅ BONUS: Confidence Rating Assessment to Track Your Progress


✅ BONUS: Access to Coach Fred via text





2 months FREE!

✅ 10-Month Complete Confidence Mastery Program


✅ Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Plus Coaching Replay)


✅ Weekly Self-Confidence Challenges


✅ Full Access to Extensive Call Replay Archives with hundreds of hours of Coaching


✅ Quick Win Courses with 3-Step Specific Strategy for Quick Breakthroughs 

✅ Member giveaways, contests, support and more!


✅ BONUS: Confidence Rating Assessment to Track Your Progress


✅ BONUS: VIP Access to Coach Fred via text

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that the Confidence Mastery for Kids is the most encouraging place you can find on the Internet that we back it with a 14-day money-back guarantee. When you enroll your kid as a student in the Confidence Mastery for Kids there's no risk. You deserve to invest in your kids risk-free, and we know they'll love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now is a busy time for me and my kid, I'm worried we won't have time!

Hey friend, don't worry! This whole program, Confidence Mastery for Kids is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! Why? Because we want your kid to take their time, to implement as they learn, to listen and re-listen as many times as they need! Everyone's journey through The Confidence Mastery for Kids will look a little different and that's the beauty of it. You can rest assured that Confidence Mastery for Kids is here to help and simplify your kid's  trajectory towards growth and confidence towards achieving their goals.

Do I have to have Facebook to get the most out of this?

No, not at all! The Facebook group is an added bonus! Coach Fred pops in weekly to answer questions, provide feedback and encourage your kid on their confidence journey. With Coach Fred's support and the community of amazing and authentic members, you will find support and friendship in the Facebook group! Coach Fred loves guiding kids through the process and helping them along as they try new things, implement new strategies, and grow their confidence.

My kid's time is limited, how much time do they need to set aside for this per week?


The beauty of Confidence Mastery for Kids is that you don't need a lot of time per week. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you plan to spend 20-30 minutes, twice per week working through your coaching materials or reflection exercises. That said, we understand that some weeks might be busier than others, which is why you can plug into the coaching support and resources at any time that works for your kid.

Will this work for my kid?


We get it. It can be scary to invest in your kid and to try something new, which is why we want you to know that you can cancel your membership to Confidence Mastery for Kids at any time. Know this: Confidence Mastery for Kids works. Coach Fred's system has helped kids have breakthrough moments that have improved their lives and have made their parents happy. Our members have wins overcoming challenges with RAD, Autism and behavior disorders helping them to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and become confident being their best selves in everyday life! Members have also joined sports teams (overcoming fears), made new friends (with increased confidence), started social media content and have played in gaming tournaments by learning to believe in themselves! 

How long will I have access to the content?


Members get access to all of the coaching content, both archived content and new content, for as long as they are active members.

How is the content delivered?


Guess what? We understand that everyone has different learning styles, which is why we've got you covered. The coaching is delivered in multiple ways to speak to your kid’s personal learning style and to their preferred access style as well. Coaching sessions are accessible via links sent directly to your email inbox and via our private Facebook group. Coach Fred will be putting together a Virtual Campus website where all content can be retrieved as well. We want to make accessing your coaching as easy and seamless as possible.


Videos are also sent out to you on a monthly basis via email as new ones are released, and they are also accessible for easy access in our private Facebook group. Live coaching opportunities happen in our online meeting room, via Zoom, and the replays of those sessions will be stored in our Virtual Campus and sent out if you can't make the session live. 


Questions for support and coaching can be submitted to Coach Fred at any time either via text, email, through the Virtual Campus or through the Facebook group. 

Do I really get personal support from Coach Fred?


Absolutely you do! The more active your kid participates, the more Coach Fred will be able to personally support and guide them. Members can reach out to him via the private Facebook group or face-to-face on our Group Coaching Calls. For members who prefer not to be on Facebook, questions for support can always be submitted via email or text and Coach Fred will ensure that those questions get addressed and answered with strategy specific to the situation on the next live coaching call (which is also always recorded in case you can't make it live). 


Rest assured, Coach Fred is as dedicated to your kid’s success and their breakthroughs as they are and he will be enthusiastically cheering them on along the way!

How long is the commitment?

You can stay as long or as short as you would like in the Confidence Mastery for Kids. Your membership is a month-to-month commitment and is cancel-at-anytime. If you’ve paid in full, you have until 14-days to cancel membership to get your money back. 

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Cancelling is easy and can be done from your subscription settings. 

What exactly is the satisfaction guarantee?


We are so confident that the Confidence Mastery for Kids is the most expansive and cost-effective option online for confidence coaching that we consider ourselves the leader in the online coaching space. All customers are fully protected with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When your kid enrolls as a student in the Confidence Mastery for Kids, you are in control. You control your payments from your student dashboard and you are able to stop and restart your membership at any time you wish. Making adjustments to your account is easy, painless and takes a few clicks of your mouse. You don't even need to contact us. Feel free to contact us at any time as we are always available to help and serve you.

Do my kid have to interact with other kids or can they do this as a self-study?

Your kid’s membership and education in the Confidence Mastery for Kids is self-guided and personalized. Some members are very engaged in the community and interact often with Coach Fred for coaching and feedback, and others prefer to keep to themselves and learn by just listening. However your kid prefers to learn and be encouraged is up to them! 

What if I have more questions? How do I know if my kid will really benefit from this?


I'm all ears! Please feel free to text me - +1 (208) 213-2203 or email me at with any questions you have and I'll be happy to help you determine whether or not Confidence Mastery for Kids is a good fit for you and your kid!

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