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You’re ONE STEP away from changing your whole entire life!


You deserve to live a life full of confidence and abundant happiness!

Hey it’s Coach Fred and my mission is simple: To help you free yourself from the self-doubt and small-thinking that is keeping you stuck and keeping you from achieving abundant success and happiness. 


Imagine getting to the point in your thoughts that you really believe you can do anything you set your mind to, and you see yourself go beyond believing to CONSISTENTLY executing! 


Envision the version of you that thinks power thoughts, shows up courageously, speaks with confidence and does what you say you're going to do. You live with peace and joy and the anxiety and overthinking that once kept you stagnant is a lifetime away. You show up daily, with your mindset and heart engaged and find yourself turning into the person you truly dreamed of becoming!
That's what can happen when you invest in confidence and positive mindset coaching with Coach Fred!

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1:1 Coaching

How exactly does it work?

* Choose your #1 goal. It can be any topic


* Partner with Coach Fred


* Work on your goal for 6 months in a row


* Massive victories GUARANTEED!


Coach Fred has Extremely Limited Availability for 1:1 Clients.


Check availability by texting 1:1 coaching to +1 (208) 213-2203

Text me right now and I’ll respond, I swear!

+1 (208) 213-2203

1:1 coaching


Can you relate to this?

I was CONSTANTLY stuck being inconsistent with life and self-sabotaging any progress I made. I had small-thinking and just didn’t execute on my goals and just knew I was created for more, but I just couldn't figure out how to show up better in life. On the outside I looked happy and was successful, but deep down, I was getting in my own way and not performing to the best of my ability. And that was soul crushing.

Then I got serious about my life. I trained my thoughts. I invested in coaching, I joined a mastermind, I enrolled in courses on creating success in congruence with happiness and I spent countless hours perfecting these skills. 


When I changed my thoughts, everything in my life changed.

I can help you do the same. Even if you feel overwhelmed, foggy about your purpose or too set in your ways, there are simple tools that can turn your life around. Together, we will rewire how you think, how you see yourself and how you take action on your potential. I'll be with you every step of the way. I'll equip and empower you with the confidence and positive mindset skills you need to become the person you’ve always dreamed to be!

3 Most Common Questions About Coaching


Will this work for me?

If you commit to the process, the process works. Coaching requires transparency, ownership and commitment - if you're ready to put in the emotional work, the thought work, and the time, then coaching with Coach Fred will work for you.


You will not recognize yourself 6-months from now!


Will it be worth the investment?

Investing in yourself will always pay a high return. A coaching investment is a way to guarantee your personal commitment and follow-through to the transformations you crave! People who work with Coach Fred experience massive breakthroughs, upbeat changes and sustainable results! Coach Fred empowers you to show up for your future self.


Your future self will thank you!


What does coaching include?

Your coaching experience is going to transform your entire life from here on out! On a monthly basis you will meet virtually with Coach Fred for deep, strategic and action-focused coaching. The sessions are recorded so you can deepen the lessons through repetition of the coaching session at your convenience. Unlimited email and text support is also included as needed.


This is an investment where you will feel more seen, heard, understood and encouraged than anywhere else in your life! 


3 Things You Can Count on

From Me!


Be ready for the HARD TRUTH

I tell you the hard truths. This is a perfect mix of tough love and strategic steps personalized to your unique needs and goals.


Truth + Proper Action = You shortening your timeframe to achieve success!


Be ready for


I help you get breakthroughs. Most of the time you are already 90% to being able to tap into your potential, but something is missing. I provide that missing piece by asking you the right questions, challenging you to change specific thought habits and helping you program yourself to succeed at your next level.


Small wins lead to monumental windfalls!


Be ready to


I will encourage and challenge you more than you've ever experienced. This is about getting the results you’ve always dreamed of! Transformational life changes come from being challenges beyond your limits! 

You will finally become the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming! LET’S GO!

Coach Fred coaches kids too!

Married for 15 years with four kids of my own, I completely understand the importance of having the right people in your kids lives. It truly takes a village to raise a child and us parents can’t do it alone - even if we tried. When you allow me the chance to coach your kid, EXPECT AMAZING THINGS TO HAPPEN! 


With 11+ years working in school districts with students with Autism, Behavior Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Suicidal, Non-Verbal, Juvenile Delinquent along with coaching football, basketball and baseball at all levels, I know how to tap into a kid’s strengths to let them flourish in life!


And as parents, that’s what we want for our kids - right? For them to dream big, be happy and live their life to the best of their abilities.

Coaching for Kids

How exactly does it work for your kid?

* What’s the #1 goal for your kid? It can be any topic


* Partner with Coach Fred


* They work on their goal for 6 months in a row


* Massive victories GUARANTEED!


Coach Fred has Extremely Limited Availability for 1:1 Clients.


Check availability by texting 1:1 coaching to +1 (208) 213-2203

Text me right now and I’ll respond, I swear!

+1 (208) 213-2203

1:1 coaching

What types of results does Coach Fred get?

I specialized in helping people reach their highest potential. Together, we get results. 


These have included, but are not limited to: athletic accomplishments, business growth, career changes, identifying and pursuing purpose, and life changing breakthroughs.

I work with a clientele of motivated individuals, high achievers, elite athletes, motivated parents and kids (of all ages) who want to maximize their performance with unshakeable confidence. I am committed to helping you create an impact in this world!

* I have helped clients drastically improve on-the-field performance with confidence in their sport. 

* I have helped clients successfully start their first podcast and gain a massive following. 

* I have helped clients change careers and secure their dream jobs.

* I have helped clients identify their purpose and create more meaning in their lives.

* I have helped clients get out of a dark spot in their life to a place of abundant happiness.

* I have helped clients break free from self-sabotaging habits for good. 


* I have helped clients overcome personal fears and the judgement from others so they can thrive with self-confidence by making new friends and living a happy life.


* I have helped a family with special needs kids live a life with more happiness, direction and peace.


What People Say About
Coach Fred!


"Fred was more effective and communicative than any other professional we had worked with for our daughter."

Jennifer Wilson


"Fred uses a direct approach to getting your mindset right to achieve your goals!"

Lisa Donnan


"Fred is Authentic and brings clarity to the confusion in your head."

Drew Garcia

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