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Yes! Please do - Google Me!

But before you do, let me tell you what Google and I have in common...


Why do I constantly talk about being AUTHENTIC? It's very simple - because I used to live a fake life.

This used to be me...

Constantly faking my life...

Constantly hiding behind my failures...

Constantly worrying about my future...

Constantly quitting and starting over...

Constantly making excuses...

Constantly tired and lacking effort...

Constantly hoping for a breakthrough...

I was losing and I didn't like where I was in life. 

I lost my job...

I was failing as a dad and husband...

I was financially underwater...

So what did I do??

I gained extreme clarity.

Hi, I'm Coach Fred Blumenberg!

At age 37 (2015), my life was spiraling out of control. I had three kids, I just got fired from a good job and had no money. My confidence was shot and I felt like a complete loser.


I FELT COMPLETE DESPERATION. I wasn't tired, I was ti(r)ed *pronounced like tied. (SEE BOTTOM OF WEBPAGE FOR COMPLETE DESCRIPTION)*  

I was ti(r)ed. I just couldn't take anymore of my lying, wishing, hoping and quitting on myself. I was done with living my life to achieve the status quo and just going through the daily motions of life. I was READY to start over.

After I got fired, I sat in the parking lot, in my car for hours. It was then that I decided to become EXTREMELY CLEAR on what I wanted out of my life. I did this by asking myself basic Yes-No questions and ONLY GIVING yes and no answers.


I kept it simple.


Black and white.


NO GREY AREA. There wasn't maybes or if, and, but, then, would've, could've, should've answers. NO. 

There was YES or NO.


Here are a few questions I asked myself...

Am I a good dad? No.

Am I doing whatever it takes to provide for my family? No.

Am I being a good husband? No.

Do I want to be a multimillionaire? Yes.

Do I like my career path? No.

Do I want to become an entrepreneur? Yes.

Once I gained clarity on what I wanted, I had NO CLUE where to begin or how to even take action towards what I wanted.

Have you ever felt like this? You know EXACTLY what you want but you don't know where to begin or the task is too daunting to follow through with?

As I sat there pondering my past and how I got to where I was, I remember a common thread with all of my shortcomings. It wasn't that I wasn't trying to make my life better, my problem was that I feared failure. But there was a much bigger problem as to why I never went for what I truly wanted in life.


There was ONE THING that held me back from taking IMMEDIATE ACTION and continue it through to the finish line. It was simple::

I lacked commitment.


This was the key for me.

My problem was commitment. I had big time commitment issues. My commitment issues were linked to my fear of failing, being embarrassed, looking like I didn't know what I was doing and simply not finishing what I started.
I never finished anything because I simply wasn't 100% committed to the end.

That's when I realized that my commitment was a promise that I made to myself to see something through to the end. 

This meant that I promised myself that I would finish whatever I started - no matter what.
Through the good, the bad and the UGLY - I was going to stay COMMITTED to the finish line.

I learned to stay committed.

Gaining clarity FIRST, then staying committed to my vision as I went forward was my secret to success and happiness!

Looking back, it all makes sense.
Gaining clarity by answering the tough questions and then simply committing towards what I wanted, helped me close the gap between thinking and doing.

I was able to take ten times MORE ACTION without the worries of being right or wrong or worse yet, remaining stuck in my perpetual think tank!

I was FEARLESS and CONFIDENT with every new action I took! It was like I could NEVER LOSE!

I took action based on one simple idea:




Take action and see what works. Take notes on what works and KEEP DOING THAT!


This is your way of taking constant action towards creating your Winning Formula! 




Take action and if it doesn't work, COOL! Now you now know what doesn't work and you can continue forward because mistakes mean you're making progress!

I finally created consistency!

I had supreme clarity, I was super committed and I became insanely driven to remain consistent towards reaching new goals!


I was a better dad, a better husband and my life changed over night. It was like the universe made things happen for me but really it was the fact that I had supreme clarity on what I was working towards and I simply stayed committed to see it through.

Over time, I not only gained self-confidence and self-awareness - I discovered that the secret to change your life includes three rules. I call it The 3 Laws to a Transformative Life.

1. Be Extremely Clear 

2. Be 100% Committed

3. Be Outrageously Consistent


I used this method and it helped me to...

Quit my 9-5 life and create my coaching business!

Dedicate more time with my kids!

Recommit myself to my wife!

Start a podcast!

Go LIVE 100s of times on social media!

Write my first book!

Move to Idaho! **I previously told Michelle I'd NEVER move to Idaho**

And so much more!

Now it's your turn. Here's the question that I will ask you - it's time for you to keep your answer black and white to gain clarity...

Are you just talking about change?



Are you wanting to change your situation but you're not ready or willing to change? You let money, time, kids, life and anything else you can think of get in the way of you making changes? If you answered yes...

Then you're tired.



This is NOT for you.

Are you ready to change NOW?



Are you at a point where you MUST change your situation because you're at the breaking point and you can't continue doing this anymore? If you answered yes...

Then you're ti(r)ed.*


This IS for you.

*Ti(r)ed is pronounced 'tied' - silent 'r.' The 'r' is silent because you're currently in a situation that you're READY to leave or change RIGHT NOW. 

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