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Be Vigilant About Renewing Your Mind Daily

Do you think about renewing your mindset every morning that you wake up? Here's why you should...

Do you purposely start each day by hitting the mental reset button or are you carrying over the things that happened from yesterday, last week, last month... last year??


Everyday we get bombarded by the challenges of Life. Life is always looking to throw its best shots at us at every moment of every day. 2020 is the ULTIMATE EXAMPLE of that.

  • Have you thought about how you can be mentally prepared for Life’s daily haymakers?

  • Have you figured out how to stay in front of problems as opposed to playing behind? 

  • Most importantly, have you focused on being proactive as opposed to being reactive? 

At some point of your day, you will be answering these questions whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Let’s tackle them right now with some practical tips you can use to fortify your mindset.

Have you thought about how you can be mentally prepared for Life’s daily haymakers? Life is going to blindside you as often as possible. There is no such thing as perfect timing when Life strikes. 

One of the best techniques I use to stay in front of anything that could go wrong is by meditating.

That’s right, meditating. I use an app called Insight Timer which holds an eclectic library of sounds, calming noises, voice overs, etc that help you get in a calm state of mind. 

I go to a quiet place in my house and sit in a comfy chair. I put my AirPods in and my sleep mask on. I put the timer on and listen to the ocean sounds while I visualize what my perfect day will look like. If I’m nervous about a meeting or a project, I visualize myself going through the motions, what I’m wearing, who I’m talking to, my environment, EVERYTHING. 

You see, before you take action on anything in real life, it was once a vision you had in your mind. Whether you were conscious or subconscious, you visualize what you have now based on your thoughts. 

Actions follow thoughts.

If you’re not one to use an app for meditation assistance, then just go to a quiet area, a park, your garage, he’ll go to your car - just make sure you can get some peace. Be sure to pick a point to stare at or gaze into a distance. Be willing to talk to yourself as you think your thoughts out loud to yourself. 

This is a great way to connect with your inner self and create calamity from within. 

Have you figured out how to stay in front of problems as opposed to playing behind? One of the things that could be keeping you behind is the fact that you’re constantly lying to yourself. Let’s be honest, are you holding yourself accountable for your mistakes or are you blaming others for your screw ups?

Look, at some point, WE ALL bullshit ourselves. The key is that you can’t continue to bullshit yourself to success. At some point you’ve got to get super real with what’s going on.

The best way to get brutally honest with everything that happens to you is to say this one phrase whenever something good or bad happens to you:

“It happens to me because of me.”

This is a great way to take accountability for your actions and the results of your actions. It’s also a great way to take control of EVERYTHING. 

Most people take credit for the luck shit but won’t take credit for the bullshit. It’s no wonder most people feel out of control with their situation. 

Be the person that’s willing to take personal accountability and be willing to look to change your mistakes immediately. The person that cuts out the nonsense and looks to change is the person that will achieve success a lot quicker.

Have you focused on being proactive as opposed to being reactive? Most people are reactive and very predictable. They just can’t control their emotions or their need for instant gratification. So what’s the best way to become proactive? 


Most people want success right away but don’t realize that success takes time. Let me ask you something: if you knew you had to make 10,000 mistakes to become an expert in your field to become a millionaire, would you take more action?

You damn right you would! In fact, you’d be dividing 10,000 mistakes into 365 days per year so you could make 27.39726027… mistakes per day. You would’ve ditched the quality versus quantity and you would’ve multiplied your efforts exponentially. Why? Because you want to make the 10,000 mistakes not comb over every mistake to verify if it was a quality move or not.

Taking massive action automatically makes you proactive to achieve a result no matter what. Something will happen when you take massive action. Taking little action makes you reactive because you have too much time to think and analyze every little mistake you’ve made. 


Move the needle and stop waiting for something else to move it for you. 

Renewing your mind everyday is a hard thing for most people to do. That’s why most people remain stuck and negative minded. Are you looking for some positive vibes to jump start your day? JOIN MY FIRST WORKSHOP!!

Stay positive,


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