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 What’s up 
  it’s Coach Fred 
  nice to meet you! 

A few things about me…

Dedicated family man to 4 kids. It’s a crazy life but I’m blessed to be a part of the craziness!

Happily married for 15 years. I AM NOTHING without my amazing wife by my side!

40K+ people follow me across all social media platforms (and I love all of them!!).

200K+ likes for my TikTok dad content! If you’re a parent, you will MOST CERTAINLY relate to it! 

11+ years working in school districts with students with Autism, Behavior Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Suicidal, Non-Verbal, Juvenile Delinquent and many more. 

Motivational Books
IMG_6438 2.JPG

Powerful motivational quotes that will fire you up!

Everyday I post a “Coach Fred’s Authentic Quote of the Day" on my social media story feeds. I’m telling you RIGHT NOW that this book has 120 pages of my best quotes that you won’t ever see posted anywhere on social media!!


Reading quotes daily is a proven habit that helps you change your perspective on how you attack your goals, live your life with confidence and achieve what you thought was impossible. 


It starts with one quote!

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