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I Haven’t Been a Good Dad - Can I Tell You Why?

I used to be the dad that had plenty of time for my kids and now I'm the dad with no time. Yikes.

You guys see me on my Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook video story feeds. You know how I do. You know how I am with my kids.

The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is that I love my time with my family.

One of the main reasons I liked having a 9-5 was because I knew exactly what time I was getting off work and I knew that I had the weekend off.

It was awesome. Why? Because I’m a family man. You see how I interact with my kids on my Snapchat and other video feeds. It’s hilarity to the extreme.

But I wanted financial freedom worst than time with my kids. I know, I can hear the people silently judging me right now. But guess what, I don’t care. Because I’ve lived too many years broke or having just enough money. That life was extremely stressful and was bringing on too many new and unnecessary problems.

So I decided to go for it all. I decided to become an entrepreneur and take charge of my life. I decided that I wanted to be financially free to buy back my time with my family.

I know, I know - it sounds crazy. But I was pushing off the inevitable and that was that I would have to work endless hours when I was 50, 60, 70 and 80 because I didn’t secure my life when I was younger.

That whole diatribe is to explain to you that I’ve been more about my business than I have been about my kids. And it’s been the toughest damn decision ever. My business started this year and like any new business, there are a billion things to tackle.

The good news is that I’ve tackled a good portion of them. The bad news is that I’ve had to sacrifice time with my family.

My dad was never around when I was a boy so naturally I didn’t want to want to replicate that experience.

I noticed around last year when things picked up that I was spending little to no time with any kids. More so with Trey. I noticed with Trey because he’s my oldest. He’ll be ten in November and I don't want to lose my time with him because of business.

This is the very reason why most people stick to what they know. They value their time with their kids and they don’t want to miss a single moment. They make the emotional decision to stick it out for the kids to be there for the kids.

So it hurts to not spend as much time with Trey and my other babies. However…. what I’m working towards now will eventually pay off handsomely. It’s all for my family and to be financially free.

So the journey continues. This is the ugly part that most entrepreneurs won’t tell you about. This is the part that most entrepreneurs will try to avoid when it comes to people who want to be an entrepreneur but have kids.

I’m writing this article to show other entrepreneurs that it can happen where you’ll lose out on time with your kids. You will start to question why you’re doing what you’re doing.

So what do I plan to do?

Get back on my scheduled playtime with the kids and stay consistent with it. Make sure that I make time for my kids and not make excuses.

I know they’re young once and I know that the time flies. My family is also the very reason why I keep going and why I work so hard to make things happen.

To be continued…


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