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3 Things to Kill Your Doubts

If you want to get stuff done, you have to get rid of your doubts!

Doubt. It’s the most powerful element that can get most people off their game plan. It can leave you questioning EVERYTHING.


So what’s the best way to overcome doubt?


Just. Keep. Going.

Let’s break it down to simplicity.


We’re all familiar with the acronym KISS: Keep it Stupid Simple. Whenever life gets complicated, it’s time to simplify. Often times we try to solve a billion problems at once.

Here’s what I do everyday:

Write down the top three things that you want to make progress on or finish for today. Everything is about making progress or competing. PERIOD. We’re not changing the world in one day, we’re changing the world one day at a time.

Keep things super simple. Do not complicate them. Your mind wants to solve problems but if it’s an incredibly challenging problem full of complicated moving parts, you most likely won’t look to solve it. ALWAYS KEEP THINGS IN SIMPLISTIC FORMS. Simplify it to fifth grade level.


That’s right. Do more work. Most people start doubting themselves and they stop doing work. They think they’ll have this magical “aha moment” if they stop everything. Look, time ain’t stopping so you can gather your thoughts.

When my kids were little and learning how to tie their shoes, they had to keep trying until they finally found their groove of how to tie shoes. If they stopped, they’d be that much more discouraged and they wouldn’t learn anything.

Sometimes you need to just press through and do more. Sometimes you’ll find that you actually solve your problem by practicing MORE as opposed to doing less.

Gain clarity on your plan of attack! Most people know what they want but they’re not absolutely clear on what they want. You need to get extremely clear on what you want.


Is it $3K a month? $5K? $10K?

Be honest with yourself and go for it. Maybe it isn’t a dollar amount, maybe it’s to have time with your kids so you can homeschool them or take them to the park and activities more often. I don’t know. But it’s time for you to know for certain what it takes to reach your goals.

BE EXTREMELY CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT. If you’re not extremely clear, you will not achieve what you desires.

Doubt kills all dreams. But when you embrace what’s going on and look to solve your problems with specific solutions, doubt will soon go away!

Stay positive,


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