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Don't Allow Average People to Infect You

Living to be mediocre will kill your desire to achieve ANYTHING worthwhile.

Just because you want an abundance of something does not mean you're not humble or grateful.


Whenever you’re working to become better, it's amazing how many financially broke people tell you that you need to be satisfied with where you are. They tell you things such as:

  • You need to be grateful that you’ve got a job. Why are you complaining about where you are in your career?

  • You need to be grateful for what you have. There are children starving in Africa that wish they had what you had.

The one thing you should look at when people tell you these kinds of things is this:


It’s the cold hard truth.

Your family and friends have settled for average and when you set out to want more, they’re the first ones to tell you that you need to be more humble and grateful.

In all honesty they’re looking out for you but to be blunt, they don’t want you to succeed any higher than them. Don’t think so? I’ve seen sibling rivalries get out of hand based on financial competition.

So how do you get past this roadblock without hurting their feelings?

Your commitment must be strong for what you want to accomplish. If you’re not 100% all-in committed to creating happiness in your life, then you will fall for any negative comment that your family and friends throw at you.

Don’t try to change their minds about you taking financial risks. They will tell you every failure story under the sun because they don’t want to see you get hurt. But will they tell you someone who became successful at what you’re trying to do? Will they support you when you’re starting your first MLM? Will they help you problem solve when you’re in need of some business guidance?

Most likely it’s a no. Also you must take into consideration that they only know about how to operate as an average employee and not a business owner.

You’re not changing their minds, so don’t be influenced by their opinions.

This is a time to find a new flock of birds to hang around. Metaphorically speaking, you must hang with successful people in order to create success. I love my mom to pieces but she has no clue on how to create millions in profit as an entrepreneur.

I’ve surrounded myself with millionaires and people that have put together successful businesses so that I can learn how to do the same.

I've distanced myself from people that want to be average and have no desire to become the best that they can be everyday. This doesn't mean I've gotten rid of my mom or hate my mom or my friends. It just means that I’m getting my information from the right sources and hanging around them more often so I can replicate their success.

Don’t allow someone’s passive aggressive talk of you “not being humble or grateful” make you feel some type of way. Because what they’re really telling you is that they wouldn’t go for more because they’re satisfied with where they are.

And that’s fine. FOR THEM.

Stay positive,


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