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Why I Got Rid of "Almost" In My Vocabulary

"Almost" used to be my crutch to celebrate a victory that I never had.

Almost. The word almost is poisonous. It’s deceiving. It’s a word that makes people think they’ve achieved something before they’ve achieved it. Or it’s a word that makes people believe that if a certain set of actions would’ve taken place, they would’ve created success.

I’ve decided to get rid of certain words in my vocabulary because they serve no purpose in my ultimate goal to become the best version of myself.

Before I go on my diatribe of why I got rid of the word “almost,” let’s define the word first.


/ˈôlˌmōst/ adverb adverb: almost not quite; very nearly.

I was notorious for getting stuck on “almost.” My problem was that I wasn’t a finisher. I stayed stuck in the Almost Zone. It was almost like La La Land. As long as I could play in La La Land where there were no defined results or actions, I was safe.

The problem was that “almost” wasn’t a clearly defined thing. It was grey. It was vague. Therefore it ultimately meant NOTHING to my end result. In fact, “almost” never got me any results.

What I had to understand was that “almost” was giving me a false sense that I was making things happen and that it was okay to relax because I had “almost” made something big happen.

The biggest problem was that I began to take my foot off the gas pedal because for some reason, I allowed “almost” to become a result as opposed to not recognizing it at all. I made “almost” a sort of win as opposed to just seeing it for what it was: a failure that got me closer to my goal.

You see, “almost” became a huge problem in my life. It was on the same level as The Hope Method. Neither of these things work when it comes to getting results.

Results are black and white. You’re either hitting your targets or you’re not. You don’t hope to hit your targets, you work to hit them. You don’t hope that things go well, you take charge and make them well by performing certain tasks and getting results.

Once I stopped playing in the grey area of getting results, I became extremely clear on what I wanted and how I was going to work towards getting it.

“Almost” was never mentioned when I created my goals. “Almost” never came into the equation when I calculated my progress. Once I got rid of saying “almost” when it came to talking about my progress, I became more aware of how I was tactically approaching my goals and how I was going to purposely achieve them.

Altogether I got rid of “almost” and The Hope Method. This doesn’t mean that I don’t hope for things to come and recognize when I almost did something amazing. It just means that I don’t focus my efforts on hope and almost. My efforts are ALWAYS FOCUSED ON ACTION AND RESULTS. PERIOD.


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