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What Was I Thinking?!

In my moment of stupidity, I found that there are good people who still wanted to help me.

If you don’t follow me on social media, why? Seriously why don’t you? You’re missing out on the good stuff. Before you read on, please follow find me on any social media platform: @TheRealFredLee.

Back to the story. So yesterday I decided to use my alone time to get work done. Let me explain. Michelle gave me time to get my work done. Since I’m a stay-at-home dad, I’m home with my little girls Daisy (1yo) and Skylar (3yo) and have little time to get things done.

In fact, I get things done in a batches. In other words, I can never sit down for more than 15-20 minutes at a time to complete a task.

Imagine if you sat down to do a task and 20 minutes later, you were interrupted. Then imagine you got back to work to only be interrupted 5 minutes into the task to then sit down, get a phone call, be interrupted again, have to get up, sit down, get up, sit down…

It's mind blowing that I could get anything done. Honestly. If people saw how I worked, they would think I was crazy. It’s a good thing. That’s why I’m the right guy to get your mind right when it comes to having a powerful entrepreneurial mindset. If you know me, I’m able to have a presence on social media with four crazy kids at the age of 40.

But let’s not get off topic. I wouldn't be able to do half this shit without my awesome wife Michelle. So my awesome Michelle decided to give me a good chunk of time to myself to get my work done. Great!! I can finally get ahead. YES. So as I pondered my chance to get ahead, she suggested that I go to Starbucks and enjoy my work time there.

I liked the idea but honestly, I just wanted to be alone. I love people but I love my quiet time more. I’m in a household with four heathens. It can get loud and obnoxious to the point where I think I’m insane. No… no … I am insane. Self diagnosed.

In my place of insanity, I decided that it would be a good idea to go to a parking lot where no one would be. I wanted to record a podcast and do my work in peace. I pulled into a parking lot near the preschool where my daughter attends. Perfect. No one’s here. There was three inches of snow in the parking lot but nothing devastatingly bad. I pulled into the vacant parking lot and and decided to find the perfect spot. One turn here then another turn there, … then…. wait a minute. Let me turn around .. wait… ahh shit. Okay cool. Let me just back up, … oh, let me pull forward then. Wait… what’s happening here… ugh. Nah. No way I got stuck. *Puts the car in park and steps out of the vehicle*

Ahh… damn. I’m stuck. Okay… well let me get back to it. It shouldn’t be too hard to get out.

2 hours later…

I was stuck. I needed help and had to call my wife. After spinning out and getting a few feet further on my own, I had to call in reinforcement. I felt like a total idiot. Completely embarrassed. How could I have this happen to me?!

After calling in Michelle to help me out of my mess, it was time to get me out of the ice rink I created around me by my own failed attempts. 30 minutes later, Michelle wasn’t able to get me out either.

Further embarrassment.

I not only got myself in trouble, I now got Michelle into my mess. Now I feel completely stupid. How could I do such a thing? All I wanted was to be alone in a desolate area but now I got my ass stuck and don’t know what to do.

Michelle decided it was time to give up and go home to get some stuff to get us out of my ditch I created. Good thing she made the decision because my entrepreneurial mind was like nah, we got this. We can do it.

As we walked away from the Chrysler Town and Country in the ditch of snow, I felt dejected. Stupid beyond belief. Walking with my head down, we saw a midnight blue Toyota 4Runner pull into the parking lot. A man rolled down the window and stuck his head out. You guys need some help?

Oh my God, where did this dude come from? I had lost all hope and was thinking that we had to call some friends and family. Include more people in my disaster? I wasn’t ready for that.

Brandon was his name. He and his wife saved the day. But let’s not forget about the other stranger that pulled into the parking lot and wanted to help as well. These two guys were willing to help a Chicagoan out of my pit of misery that I created in that parking lot.

The funny part is that the stranger who tried to pull me out of the snow, almost got himself stuck in the snow. He was unable to pull me out and eventually Brandon and his Toyota 4Runner were able to easily and swiftly pull me out of the pit of misery.

As he pulled me to safety, I thought to myself, shit, maybe I need to get my ass a 4Runner. And there you have it. The dumbest thing I could have done.

If this is your first time connecting with me, I want you to understand something: I’m always telling you the real deal. I’ll give you the lowdown on any and everything. I’ll tell you when I’ve fucked up and when I’ve overcame a fuck up. I’m authentic.

My mistake was a dumb one and included four other people to save me and literally pull me out of the ditch I created.

In life, you’ll do something that’s truly boneheaded. You’ll create a pit of misery and you’ll be afraid to ask for help. You’ll play it off as if you’re okay when really you’re only digging a deeper ditch by trying to get out on your own.

The key is to ask for help. Swallow that pride and ego shit. Swallow the embarrassment and feeling stupid. You’ve got to eat all of that and ask for help. People want to help. They’ve been where you are and have felt like you’ve felt. In fact, as I was speaking with Brandon and his awesome wife, they were telling me that it’s okay. That it happens all the time. They even told me how they’ve gotten stuck in their own driveway.

They made me feel awesome. Love these Idahoans. They’re some great freaking people. I can only hope they find this article somehow. I wasn't able to tell them who I was and what I do. After hours of getting myself out of my pit of misery, it’s safe to say, I just wanted to get home.

Brandon, his awesome wife and their awesome son, along with that gentleman and his 4x4 green truck, thank you all. It’s people like you that the world needs more of.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Be awesome all day, everyday.


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