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Trey and Ellie’s Top 10 Reasons to Be Positive While Quarantined

Trey and Ellie have a message for your kids that ALL PARENTS can appreciate!

You know I’ve got four kids. They’re all crazy *insert silly face emoji*.

But they get it from their parents. We’ve accepted our crazy. Have you seen our Be Authentic Family Vlog LIVE? You should!

So now that we’re all quarantined and none of us have anywhere to go, I’ve had Trey and Ellie tell you what KIDS should do when quarantined with their parents.

This is a list of how KIDS can keep positive vibes only and keep the peace in the house!

Trey’s five ways to keep positive vibes in the household in his words.

1 - You’ve got to give good energy. Energy is good and can be used for chores - especially when you want to get the bad things done before you play.

2 - Talk to your friends and family. Since you’re not doing anything or see them, you might as well do something with them other than be on YouTube or play video games.

3 - Do the little things. If you do more of these things, they will matter in the end.

4 - Be Silly. It’s the ultimate way of adding energy and people seeing you have fun is a good thing.

5 - Work together. If you have brothers and sisters, you’ll bond better with them when you can work with them.

Ellie’s five ways to keep positive vibes in the household in her words.

6 - Be nice to your siblings. If you do this more often, they’ll want to play with you.

7 - Show more love. Showing that you care about them will help them know that you are willing to make them feel good all the time.

8 - Think positively. Focus on what you want to do as opposed to what you don’t want to do. Lift up others and be a bucket filler.

9 - Help parents out. If you help them out, you’ll get more privileges.

10 - Have an open mind. If you keep your mind open, then you’re more likely to do the things you truly like.

Take your cue from Trey and Ellie! Being quarantined with your family may drive you bonkers but now is the time to use the top ten things from this list to make this time a time to remember!!

Stay positive,


If you’re having a hard time staying positive during these times, then this is the perfect time for you to get some positive vibes from me!

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Stay positive


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