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To Be Great, You Have to Meet Someone Great

You need to see it, touch it and be surrounded by it (greatness), before you can believe you can fully achieve it.

My son loves football. He watched endless hours of YouTube videos on Tom Brady, the Chicago Bears and pretty much anything that’s football.

He imitates Tom Brady’s signature start to a game when he violently yells at the crowd to pump himself up.

Trey puts on the helmet, arm guards, the jersey and he thinks he’s Tom Brady.

I’ve told Trey many times: You can’t be a great football player until you meet one.

Trey has met football players but he has never met a Hall of Famer. On a late day in May, Trey got a chance to meet Jerry Kramer of the Green Bay Packers (pictured in the header of this article.

Now keep in mind, Trey is 10 years old. He has no real concept of who he’s meeting and the weight of this moment. 20 years from now, he’ll have the realization of who he met on that special night in May.

It’s the same thing as an entrepreneur. In order for you to level up on your entrepreneurial journey, you must meet someone at the next level. You can read all the articles you want. You can watch Gary V spit knowledge on videos on YouTube all day long. You can listen to every one of Andy Frisella’s podcasts and even post your occupation as “Entrepreneur” in your bio.

And it won’t mean anything until you meet someone that’s operating at the next level of success.

You see, oftentimes we get caught in the digital world of videos, articles and podcasts and we forget that we must step out into the real world and meet the greats in order to become great.

Trey learned a valuable lesson after meeting Jerry Kramer that night. He heard many stories as Jerry took to the stage speaking of his time in Green Bay and playing for the great Vince Lombardi.

He could’ve easily heard these stories on YouTube or IGTV. He could’ve easily Googled Jerry Kramer. He could’ve easily made an excuse to not go.

But he didn’t. He went and most importantly, he experienced Jerry Kramer firsthand, in the flesh.

We waited for 45 minutes to get an autograph from Jerry. Now that I think of it, I should've gotten a photograph with him myself. However capturing Trey and his friends with him is something that will positively impact him for the rest of his life.

If you should read about him as a football star, you’ll know where it all began.

Who do you need to physically meet for you to understand where your entrepreneurial journey can take you? My person would be my childhood hero - Will Smith.

Tell me who you wish you could meet if you could have 30-minutes with them to change your life?


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