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The Moment I Had to Find Myself - Who Am I?

Do you have this feeling of not knowing who the true you really is. This article will open your eyes to the struggle and the realization that I had that knocked me back and ultimately catapulted me towards the stars.

Everyone has that moment when they feel comfortable with themselves. When they feel good and feel confident. They feel more sure if themselves and everything seems to be going their way. This is called the comfort zone. We all love the comfort zone. It’s where we feel the most secure. We know what’s going to happen and we know what to expect.

But when you’re outside of your comfort zone, it can get ugly. You can get embarrassed and easily hurt. You don’t  know what you’re doing and you don’t know what to expect. You don’t trust your instincts and ultimately you don’t trust yourself.

This is the main reason why people hate to get outside of the comfort zone. Because they don’t want to deal with the unexpected. But fact remains that the only way you’ll grow in life is to get uncomfortable. Growth requires change and whether you like it or not, you’re changing everyday. The simple fact that you’re aging should be a true sign to show you that.

Most people can accept the outward change. After a while they give in to the fact that they can’t look 25 years old forever. That’s physical change. You have no choice but to accept that. But why do people fight mental change? I’ll tell you why: out of sight, out of mind. Literally.

It’s not like you can see your brain and the effects of what you’re doing or not doing to make your brain less impactful. But guess what, your brain is changing as well. It’s just a matter of what you’re willing to take control of.

One of the things that I constantly work on is my mindset. That’s right. Mindset. I’m an Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach but I can't coach you if I’m unwilling to coach myself as well as get coached. Yes. I need to be coached by others that are better than me as well as coach myself. I’m in the process of becoming the name that’s synonymous with mindset coaching for entrepreneurs.

During my entrepreneurial journey, I met a guy named Dayne Gingrich. A mental dominance coach who’s a former tennis pro. He contacted me via Twitter DM. I check my DMs everyday but honestly, I’m deleting 99% of the messages that I receive because most people are looking to sell you something or they’re just playing around.

Like this idiot who DM’d me all cheery. Asking me how my day was. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she quickly asked me if I wanted to buy something. I didn’t respond.

That’s a person who wants money. They’re not looking to solve a problem of mine, they’re looking at me as a sale. The moment I said no to her, she blocked me.

Really? We’re pouting now when people don’t respond the way you want these days? Must be a new generational thin-skinned thing.

So when Dayne DM’d me, I was not in the mood. In fact, I told him the same thing that I tell everyone: I’m busy as hell so if you need me, we can connect some other time. It’s the truth. I have two babies that I take care of during the day while I work on my business. I don't have time for any bullshit. Read my last article about that.

Dayne was straight forward. He told me that he liked what I was doing and he wanted to get to know me. He didn’t mess around. Got to the point and was done with it. Who is this dude? - I thought to myself. *Proceeds to troll his Twitter timeline*

Dayne has a pinned tweet to the top of his Twitter page about the 1% mindset. What’s that? - Again I thought to myself.

This instantly got me intrigued with who he was and what the 1% mindset was all about. He mentioned that he had a mentoring group that he thought I would be perfect for based on my social media presence and my content and the work he sees online.

I thought to myself, "Wow!! Let’s go!!" Of course I maintained my emotions but it’s the fact that someone that was established recognized my hard work.

Once I joined the group, I was ready to learn. Ready to soak up new knowledge and figure out how to increase my footprint as an entrepreneur. The group I joined is called The 1% Mastermind. It’s a group that includes Michael O’Brien (@roadieob - Twitter) who is a Certified Executive Leadership and Team Coach as well as a TEDx speaker.

These two head the group chats every Monday along with other elite individuals who are looking to level up in this world. I quickly learned that I didn't know as much as I thought I knew. Once I got in the space of not knowing much at all and then needing to change my outlook as well as my social media presence, I was apprehensive.

When I say apprehensive, I didn't know what to do next. I was overthinking. I was uncomfortable and I didn't know what to do. I remember thinking to myself,"what the hell did I just get into?! I don't have a clue to what I’m doing now."

I remember texting Dayne after 1-½ months of sessions and saying to him that I feel like a crazy man. Let me get something straight, I already feel crazy in the head - I have kids. But this was a whole new crazy. Dayne quickly texted back something that I’ll never forget:

BAM!!!!! There it is. There’s the reason why I pay these guys to be a part of this mastermind. Messages like these are what make things click for me.

You see, it’s not what he said but when he said it. It clicked. And from then on, I was able to find the new me from within.

That stage of apprehension and being uncomfortable lasted for about 6-9 weeks. During that time, I was working on reworking my social media and my approach. I added on more podcasts to my workload. I began work on this website. As I went through this incredibly difficult time, I increased my workload. I was legit crazy in the head.

But as I began to find a new groove, I began to understand that finding myself is what I needed to do to make sense of what I was doing. I needed to find my voice. Dayne mentioned this to me in the very beginning.

You have to find your voice and stop being Grant Cardone, he would say.

Why 10X Massive Action Works - Nov. 3, 2017 with Fred Blumenberg

Once I found my voice, this made it easier for me to bring the content and to figure out what I truly wanted from my business. I changed my title from the No Bullshit Coach to an Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach. Still the same approach (no bullshit) but a little less abrasive.

I went through many mental changes after joining this group. Some things I am still dealing with to this day. My approach to video stories is different because of the message that I’m conveying to my potential customers. I used to get on video stories (ie Snapchat, etc) and act s fool. Why? Because that’s me - I’m silly as hell. I even have a podcast called, I’m Hella Silly, Joe that talks about the crazy stories of my life. I’m silly. But Dayne helped me to harness the silliness and create a business strategy.

I’m nowhere close to where I want to be but I’m a lot closer to how I want my business plan and services to look.

I needed to find myself. The new me. Who was I? I finally was able to find the answer. I’m an Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach who helps entrepreneurs gain clarity and live a purpose driven life.

Finding yourself can take time. You will feel apprehensive and uncomfortable. You will do things that you normally don’t do and you will feel like you’re crazy the whole time that you’re doing it. The best part is when you finally find your groove. The sweet spot. And when you do, there’s no greater feeling than to find yourself at a new high point in life.

Pursue your dreams and continue to always improve daily.

Be awesome all day, everyday.


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