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The Importance of Thinking Big - Blank Check Big

You're thinking too small and it's costing you some great experiences in your life.

I was notorious for thinking WAAAAAYYY too small. I NEVER thought abundantly. I just never thought I deserved it.


If I asked you to list the areas that you need improvement on when it comes to being a better person, how long would your list be?

Now... if I then asked you to give me the best qualities about yourself, how long would that list be in relation to the areas that need improvement?

I ask these questions because that simple exercise will show you how people think in limitations as opposed to thinking big. How?


People only see their limitations. Therefore they can present a long list of flaws that they have that they feel need improvement. You know, as if you’re working to be the a perfect human being. But people have a hard time listing the many great qualities about themselves.

This becomes a huge problem as you get older. You go in one of two directions.

  • You care more about what others think and how they might perceive you thus you try to make everyone else happy by working to be your best for them.

  • Or you don’t give a damn and you stop wasting energy thinking about what others think of you and you just ‘do you.'

The power of thinking big starts with how you perceive yourself and what you think you’re capable of achieving. Most people think in limitations when it comes to everything. This perpetuates fear and the individual often goes about everything in a fear based method of thought rather than being in attack mode.

Limited thought process prevents people from going outside their comfort zone and exploring something new. Limited thought process breeds the know-it-all who only knows things based on their own experience to which is limited in itself.

If you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you’re going to have to believe in your ability to achieve something you have yet to achieve.

The only way for you to think big is for you to have an open mindset. A limitless mindset where your mind helps you think outside the box and way outside your comfort zone.

Big thinkers are innovators. They’re the people that do weird things that go against the norm. Big thinkers don’t care what others think about their visions, goals and dreams. The only thing they care about is executing what they’ve imagined as possible.

The best way to get yourself thinking big is to understand what qualities you possess that makes you an awesome human being. Go to and take the 15-minute questionnaire. Once you’re done, screenshot it and send me your results and let’s start a conversation of how this can help you!

Next, you need to practice getting outside of your comfort zone and experiencing something new at least once a week. Start simple:

  • Take a new route to work.

  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier and use that time to meditate or write down your goals.

  • Write down three things you’re grateful for every morning.

  • Pay it forward by paying for someone’s meal in the drive-thru.

  • Say hi to three strangers today.

  • Talk with a neighbor on your block that you haven’t ever spoken to.

  • Learn a new social media app that you’re scared to use.

  • Say yes to the first three people that ask you to do something today.

Practice, practice, practice. Doing small things like the list above will help you to practice being uncomfortable, experience something and help you to realize that you won’t die because of your experience.

Does it sound crazy that you’d die because of trying something new? Yes. It does. But people literally think they’ll die or go in financial ruin based on a choice to do something outside their comfort zone.

All of this leads up to writing down and going after massive goals. When you write your ultimate goal that you want to accomplish, I want you to think big. BLANK CHECK BIG.

Your goal would be massive. Instead of saying that you want just enough money to make ends meet, you’d say something like you’d want to be worth $100 million dollars.

I’ve learned that your goals are a measurement of what you think you’re capable of achieving.

When you pursue crazy goals, they will seem unreasonable to those who only think in limitations. But again, if you’re thinking like other super successful people, you’re not worried what others think because they have no bearing on what you’re capable of achieving.

Keep your thoughts big and practice the habits in this article. The most important thing about attaining success is that you must be open minded, stay outside your comfort zone and you must keep your thoughts on achieving something big!

Stay positive,


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