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The Hard Work Pays Off Four Years Later

When I had nothing, I was working like I had EVERYTHING.

If someone would’ve told me in September 2015 that I would move to Idaho with my family of four kids and be an entrepreneur, I would’ve paused for a second.

The 'Idaho' part I probably wouldn’t have believed but the entrepreneur part… that I could believe.

With every new job I used to get, I remember I’d end up calling my mom and telling her, Ma, I’m just not a 9-5 person.

It was the truth. I’ve NEVER been a 9-5 person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that working a 9-5 is bad. Everyone needs to make a living. But the 9-5 job setting WAS NOT FOR ME.

When I signed the release papers from Schaumburg School District 54 in Schaumburg, Illinois, I knew I had to make a choice. I had to make a choice with where I wanted to go with my career.

Was I going to continue working as a Paraprofessional making peanuts or was I going to figure this entrepreneurial thing out?

When extenuating circumstances happened with a student in October 2015, that’s when it was time for me to pursue a different avenue. Click on the video below that I made shortly after my incident to explain what happened in greater detail.

My journey led me here, to Sandpoint, Idaho. 1700 miles West of Chicago. It’s my wife’s hometown and it’s where I thought I’d never in a million years would ever move to.

Sandpoint? What? Please - STOP.

You see, in September 2015, my mindset wasn’t ready. I talked about wanting to be an entrepreneur and doing all the cool stuff that entrepreneurs did but back then, I was all talk. It took me having to resign from Schaumburg School District 54 on some bullshit for me to realize that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sick and tired of….

  • Being broke and living check to check.

  • Always being angry on Monday and happy on a Friday.

  • More daydreaming and less working.

  • Playing the lottery to hopefully get rich quickly.

  • Needing help.

And most importantly sick and tired of making the same stupid decisions and getting the same stupid reactions. If I was going to make the change, I needed to get committed.

So I decided to go 100% all-in with entrepreneurialism. And let me tell you, it was the best damn decision of my life. It might’ve even saved my life.

The cool thing is that I’m STILL learning to be a better entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is like being a parent. You NEVER get to turn off parenting mode, you just learn to adjust to a new way of life.

  • I’m ALWAYS working on self-development.

  • I get up early almost everyday.

  • I overwork myself but I know why I’m doing it and where it will lead me to.

  • I don’t focus on the money, I focus on the opportunity.

  • I’m not looking to get rich quick, I’m looking to establish wealth.

  • I enjoy Monday’s!

  • I love to work the weekends.

  • Everyday is a payday.

  • I get to work in the best environment.

The picture in the header of this article is my first day at the offices of The Human Gathering. I sent that picture to Michelle to tell her that I’m embarking upon a new journey that will help us to level up.

Ever since I left the jobs that I’ve had back in Illinois, I’ve seen anything NEW as an opportunity and a stepping stone to the next big thing.

Currently, I work with two powerful entrepreneurs - Wes Chapman and Joshua Jordison. The cool thing is that they are extremely down to earth and remind me of what I could be if I just keep going.

I wouldn’t have ever had this opportunity had I stayed in Illinois and just got another job. I wouldn’t be in contact with power players had I decided to hang around the same broke minded friends. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not decided to change my mindset.

Mindset. It’s everything.

Don’t stay stuck. Don’t allow your friends to dictate what you can and can’t do. Don’t allow life to beat you up and get you down.

It’s time for you to go in the direction you’ve always wanted to. I want you to go to and see where your strongest intangibles are. When you’re done, screenshot your results and send them to me and let’s start a conversation.

Let THIS be the start of something new for you!


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