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Here's Why You Should Text "POSITIVE" To Fred NOW!

Most people are in DESPERATE need of positivity these days. Here's how and why I'm able to do this for a fast growing community of 70 plus people! And growing RAPIDLY!

Long before it was cool to throw up a telephone number to “text me” by these social media influencers, I had ALREADY been doing that for my clients.


Yea, I know. I sound like the guy that invented something really cool and then somebody stole my idea. But this right here is the truth.

Here’s the thing, I’m CONSTANTLY looking for ways to further my impact and help my clients when it comes to my coaching services. I always put myself in my clients shoes and ask myself important questions from their perspective because I want them to have the best possible coaching experience with me.

I found a glitch with my coaching and it was that I needed to have MORE contact points with my clients.

They all loved when I texted them reminders or upbeat messages to make them feel good.

So I decided to create what was called the Fred’s Daily Coaching Tip.

It was a once a day text message sent to all of my clients every morning to help them refocus their minds to positive thinking. It was a hit!

Many people liked the messages and it also gave me closer interaction with them before our weekly phone calls. Also, it was a great way for me to easily communicate with them. We ALL are very short on time these days and if we can communicate quicker and easier, then (by all means) LET’S DO IT!

Today, the message remains the same but the title has changed. Also, I’ve expanded my group from what used to be just my coaching clients to now include ANYONE AND EVERYONE that wants an uplifting message to start their day!

The Authentic Daily Positivity is a once a day positive and uplifting text message that’s delivered to over 70 plus clients and growing.

This growing community is my Be Authentic Positive Vibes Text Community. Whoever wants a positive and uplifting text will be a part of this community.

Here’s what they’re saying about being a part of this growing community!

I want you to become a party of my Be Authentic Positive Vibes Text Community. Click on the pic below and be connected or simply text “POSITIVE” to +1-630-391-2549.

Also, I have a great way for you to stay motivated and upbeat during this extended quarantine. Being quarantined can get you down in the dumps REAL quick.

Get off the couch and get motivated with 101 of my best quotes EVER!! Click the picture link below and get your digital copy of my eBook TODAY!

Stay positive,


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