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Take Action Like a Superhero

Do you want to feel like a superhero? Take. Action. NOW!

Life is challenging as hell. Add a Coronavirus pandemic and life stands still - LITERALLY. 


So how do you take action like a superhero EVEN during these times?  1 - Have a small goal and execute it - NO. MATTER. WHAT. The pressure is on and it feels like that’s all you’re focusing on right now - right?  Here’s what I want you to do. Have a small goal and look to execute it - NO. MATTER. WHAT. I want you to grab some low hanging fruit and get some Ws. 2 - Keep things EXTREMELY simple. Simplify everything. If it’s complicated, you won’t want to do it. Keep your action steps SIMPLE. Keep your goals SIMPLE. Keep your progress SIMPLE. Make EVERYTHING simple. 

3 - Keep going through your fears. When you see your fears and you keep working through them, you become FEARLESS. You realize that you’re not going to die and the sky won’t fall. This is important because most people see their fears and their mind translates them to thinking they’ll die and every possible failure will come to fruition. Keep doing work even though you feel fear so you can become FEARLESS.

4 - COMMIT FIRST, figure the rest out later. This was a quote by Grant Cardone that made me understand EVERYTHING. To commit to something means you’ve made a promise to yourself that you’re going to see your way to the finish line - through the good, the bad and ugly times.  ‘Figuring the rest out later’ simply means what it states. You’re not looking to figure it out all at once or at the beginning. You know that you’re going to figure the rest out as you go along. This takes you off the hook from needing to know everything about everything.

It helps you to execute MORE often and keeps you from paralysis of analysis. 5 - Make progress or finish. The only thing that matters whenever you start working towards a goal is two things:

  • Are you making progress forward?

  • Are you finishing this project today?

That’s it. You’re either progressing or finishing. When you simplify your actions to do these two things, your actions become meaningful and pinpoint to achieving your goals. Take action like a superhero EVEN during this Covid-19 pandemic. These motivational quotes will get you motivated to move (FAST)! ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

Stay positive,


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