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SUPER MOM in Disguise

Michelle does things that leaves me baffled EVERYDAY. If you're a Mom, you can probably relate to Michelle's schedule of Mom activities!

I challenge you to be a mom for a day. That shit will make you go INSANE.


Michelle has been a Mother for 11 years and let me tell ya… I’m ALWAYS astounded by what she does DAILY.

When you watch sports on TV, what’s the first thing that almost every athlete says to the camera?

“Hi Mom.”

Mom’s are the real MVPs. There’s no question about that. Here’s a basic rundown of how Michelle has kept our family running like a Ferrari engine during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Wakes up to Daisy a Duke pouncing on her head at 5 AM.

  • Gets and drinks coffee while being used as a jungle gym by Sky and Daisy (30-mins).

  • Gets up and does laundry for the family - Laundry Mountain (1-2 hours).

  • Has a schedule for the family to follow and keeps a tight ship.

  • Makes breakfast for the family and is the last to eat (30-mins).

  • On Zoom meetings with teachers, assistants and certified staff (2-4 hours).

  • Google Hangouts with students (2-4 hours).

  • Updating paperwork, IEPs, replying to emails and phone calls to parents (1-4 hours).

  • Helping our kids with their homework (1-2 hours).

  • Making dinner for the family (30-mins).

  • Making sure the kids have good playtime with her outside or inside playing toys, Barbies, Lego’s etc. (1-2 hours).

  • Watch a movie with kids (2-½ hours).

  • Bedtime 😩😩😩😩😩

I honestly don’t know how she maintains sanity throughout the day but she does. She does have Mommy Wine Time which is basically what EVERY MOM needs at the end of the day.

Michelle is an AMAZING MOM who keeps our family together. I’m almost certain that most moms around the world follow a similar pattern of activities when it comes to making sure their family is taken care of.

I don’t ever take Michelle for granted. There have been MANY TIMES I’ve thought to myself, “What if I had to do all of this all by myself?”

Which THEN leads me to be MORE appreciative of what my mom has to do raising me and my siblings as a single mother.

I praise ALL MOMS who go above and beyond for their families. I know my kids love me, but I’m often reminded of who’s the most important person in the household when they leave the house to do something ** see pic below **

Cherish your Mom. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Stay positive,



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