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Obsessive Practice Will Get You To Your Dream Much Quicker

Being obsessed for the right thing sand the right reasons will help you to stay hyper-focused on making your dreams come true.

Over the past few months, Trey has been obsessive about football. Anything football, he’s all about it. The funny thing about this is that he’s always obsessed over something. His recent obsessions that I can think of that date back to when he was a baby were:

  • Chuck E. Cheese

  • Spider-Man

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • LEGO

  • Anything related to the NFL

These aren’t in any particular order but I did type them in an order of which I could think from the time he was a baby to now.

His recent obsession is anything that’s related to the NFL. He’s dressing in NFL gear, constantly wearing football gloves and wristbands. Always going outside and tossing the football, putting on my old football helmet, playing football with his buddies in the yard and on and on.

Most parents would want their kids to do other things. To not be so obsessive. But what if their obsession could be cultivated?

See here’s the thing, I know what obsession can do. Many people have a distorted and negative outlook on obsession. They only see the bad in being obsessed for something. Tell me something, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of someone who’s obsessed?

I’ll tell you the first thing that used to come to my mind about obsession:

  • Someone who perseverates on something bad.

  • A stalker

  • Someone who’s not well rounded

  • Someone who knows nothing else

My previous outlook on obsession was skewed. It was distorted. People who were obsessed are the very reasons why we enjoy certain amenities today. If Steve Jobs wasn’t obsessed, we wouldn’t have iPhones and smartphone technology. If the Wright Brothers weren’t obsessed, we wouldn’t have planes to take us places. If Thomas Edison wasn’t obsessed, we wouldn’t have lights.

You have to be obsessed to get to a resolution. Here’s a picture of my son drawing the Super Bowl XLIII logo. He’s been drawing this logo for a few months now. He’s been drawing cartoon characters of the athletes that were involved in the Super Bowls. He’s been obsessed.

And he’s gotten better. His obsession is to be a better drawer. That’s his current obsession. He’s been known to jump from obsession to obsession. With each obsession, we simply cultivate what he’s into.

For his NFL obsession, he got a chance to meet a Seattle Seahawk current player by the name of #74 George Fant. He appeared at Kootenai Elementary School for an assembly for NFL Play 60.

He will also play for the Sandpoint Affordable Football League (SAFL) which I will be coaching his team this Fall.


I love to drive his obsessions as long as they're going in a positive direction. I’ve always preached that it’s good to have a healthy obsession for the thing you love to do.

Now as a parent, does it drive me insane sometimes to hear about how many yards Marcus Allen ran for in Super Bowl XVIII or how many points the Cowboys scored in Super Bowl XXVII? Of course it does. It can be maddening sometimes but understand one thing, he’s getting his good energy flowing towards something positive.

When I was starting out as a young artist, the only way I got good was to draw all day, everyday.

I remember I liked the turn dial letters and numbers on the washer and dryer machines in our apartment when I was a kid. I don't know what it was about that font of lettering but I love it!

Then I leveled up to drawing logos and eventually to being able to recreate a photograph of someone’s face.

Why 10X Massive Action Works - Nov. 3, 2017 with Fred Blumenberg

This all started with an obsession with drawing the letters and numbers on the laundry machines. This obsession eventually lead to developing an amazing talent to recreate a photograph to what they call hyperrealism. It’s a talent that only a select few people know that I have.

Be willing to cultivate your children’s positive obsessions. You never know what it could turn into.


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