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My Moment of Self-Interrogation Can Save You

I put myself on the spot to get some "need to know" answers. You'll be shocked at my answers.

Look at the header picture. Look at the look of disgust in my eyes. This was the very look of disdain I had got myself on October 7, 2015. On that date, I decided that enough was enough!

I got tired of working so hard for minimum results. I got tired of working for people that didn’t want to make a difference.

A REAL DIFFERENCE. I got tired of what I was doing with my life and I purposely sought to change myself THAT DAY.

October 7, 2015.

I had extenuating circumstances happen between me and a student that ultimately lead to me resigning from Schaumburg School District 54. Click the YouTube link below to see what I’m talking about.

On that October afternoon, I got the news that I needed to either resign from my job or fight for my day to say my side of the story.

And if you haven’t watched the YouTube video, not much of this is going to make sense as to why I was so urgent about becoming an entrepreneur. I asked myself a list of questions and just got super blunt with myself.

Every question I asked myself was a deep seated fear based question that was meant to push me way outside of my comfort zone but also meant for me to answer truthfully.

Here are a few blunt questions I asked myself:

  • Are you happy with your life? No.

  • Do you want to remain broke? Hell no.

  • Do you like your job or the jobs that you’ve been working? I do but I won’t make any money in this field. I don't want to be a teacher or make $100K/year. I want millions. I need to impact and help more people.

  • Are you happy in your marriage? I am but I can do better. I’m not happy with myself so I need to start on that shit first. I’m fuckin’ up. I want to learn how to win in life and stop myself from getting caught behind the eight ball.

  • Do you want more money? How much? I’m fucking tired of being broke. I’m tired of working my ass off for pennies and falling way short every pay period. I’m losing at this financial game. I need to learn how this works. I want to be a multimillionaire. I want financial freedom. I want to spend without thinking and without constantly looking at a price tag.

  • Are you being a good father? I think I am but I definitely need to get better. I haven't played with my kids as much as I should. I DEFINITELY don’t want to become like my dad. Fuck that shit. NO WAY.

  • Are you being a good husband? No. I should've never gotten myself in this predicament. Why does Michelle even love me? I’m fucking up. I have to turn this around to be better. She’s been supporting the family with her salary since we got married. I’m the weak link.

  • Are you maximizing your potential? No way. I need to turn this shit around.Do you feel like a failure? Yes. Big time.

  • Do you even know what you’re doing with your life? I’ve got an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm. I can bring those qualities to many people's lives and help them get out of their funk. I’m good at that shit. How do I use it though?

  • Do you know your purpose? My purpose is to make people feel good. I know how to do that shit. But how do I make money at that? I’m a good listener and give good advice. I’ll always tell people my fuck ups because I want them to know that I’m human too. I tell all my embarrassments but again… how do I make money at that?

It was simple and direct. It helped me gain supreme clarity and also helped me to stop lying to myself. It also helped me to realize that I had big goals, dreams and aspirations that I was suppressing for a long time.

Why would I do this to myself?

I’ll tell you why. Because I was too damn worried about what others would think of my failures. I was too concerned with trying to look like I had it all together. Too concerned with trying to look like I had money when I didn’t.


That’s right - FUCKIN’ UP. I couldn’t admit this until I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I could no longer lie to myself and act like everything was cool.

It was NOT cool.

This interrogation scene took about 30-minutes of self-talk in my car in the Schaumburg School district 54 parking lot.

It was the very best thing that could’ve happened to me. There was no one to interrupt me or try to lure me back to mediocre thoughts because my goals were too big.

Are you experiencing mediocrity and sad results in your life right now? Aren’t you tired of being unhappy simply because it’s Monday?

It’s time to have this kind of moment with yourself. A “parking lot interrogation” session with yourself. It’s time to clear the air and talk about what you truly want.

Just don’t wait until something drastic happens to make you do something about your situation.


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