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My Average Mindset Versus My #1 Mindset

I was in a bad place and didn't know how I was going to make things work. Then I was released from Schaumburg School District 54 and my life changed.

Before I began my entrepreneur journey, I had a rough time trying to figure out what I wanted and how I was going to make things work.

Things reached a breaking point when I lost my job at Schaumburg School District 54 over extenuating circumstances. You can watch the video below to get better insight.

October 7, 2015 was my release date from Schaumburg School District 54. I had an average mindset.

  • Living check to check.

  • Alway broke.

  • Liked my job but never tried to level up.

  • Drinking every payday with my friends at the bar.

  • Hanging with loser mindsets.

  • Never including my family in my work or day to day life.

  • Defensive about my life when I got questioned on the things I did.

  • Not being a good dad to my kids.

  • Wasting time sitting on the couch - unmotivated.

  • Hoping things would happen - unmotivated.

And the list could go on forever.

I was infected. Infected with a mediocre mindset. Losing my job at the school district jolted me out of my subconscious life. I was doing things on autopilot and I wasn't aware of the things that were destroying my life.

You see, when I was at Schaumburg School District 54, I was a CIA (Crisis Intervention Assistant). I was hailed as the best because I came from SEDOL (Special Education District of Lake County) where I dealt with behaviors in the extreme. At SEDOL, I worked with students that were:

  • Autistic

  • Non-verbal

  • Severe and profound

  • Behavior disorders

  • Learning disabilities

  • Physical disabilities

So going to Schaumburg was Club Med because the behaviors weren’t nearly as bad. I remember going to the principals and telling them that I felt like I wasn't needed because there wasn’t much action but it was all due to the preventative measures that I implemented.

Once you’ve watched the video, you’ll understand what happened with me and a student. When Schaumburg decided to let me go, I couldn’t understand how I could be hailed as being so good but yet, in a New York minute, I was terrible.

Once I lost my job, I had a realization that I couldn’t go forward with the same actions. I needed to shake things up. Drastically. I was doing something wrong.

I got it. I’ll go in a 180° direction and do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I’m doing right now. Apparently what I’m doing isn’t working.

And that’s what I did. I decided to buck the system and stop taking the advice of my friends and family. I decided that I was going to go for what I wanted and not look back.

I decided that it was time for me to stop lowering my potential and to start raising my expectations.

Greatness is what I wanted. It’s what I needed. It’s what I was going for.

When I made the choice to go for greatness, that’s when things magically started happening for me. My mind was open to new things as opposed to being closed off. I could see more opportunities as opposed to only seeing the bad shit. I was a sponge for new knowledge as opposed to relying on the bullshit lies that people would feed me.

I changed everything. I started with my Facebook profile. I began cleaning out my friends list of average people. People that weren’t trying to level up in their life. I quickly stumbled upon a video post by Grant Cardone. He was talking crazy stuff about 10Xing my activity.

I scrolled past him and then thought to myself,

“Wait a minute. If I’m going to have an open mind, this dude might have the info that I need.”

Listening to Grant Cardone was the best thing I could’ve done. I found his book The 10X Rule and read it in a short period of time. That book changed my life.

It lit a fire that cannot be quenched.

Everything that I do is because of Grant Cardone. Once I adopted the 10X Rule, my life changed.

Since 2015, I’ve …

  • Leveled up at SEDOL to an admin job making $35K/year.

  • We had a fourth child.

  • We then moved to Sandpoint, Idaho.

  • ALWAYS including my family in my work life as an entrepreneur.

  • I’ve done all my branding, video and art work and website.

  • I created Fred Blumenberg Enterprises in MAR 2018.

  • I’m coaching a roster of clients (entrepreneurs).

  • On all social media platforms

  • Have a vlog

  • Currently writing a book to be published before the end of 2018.

This doesn't mean that life has been rainbows, unicorns and Skittles. It simply means that I’ve been able to create a lot with the #1Mindset.

What’s the #1Mindset?

Hyper-focusing on your strengths ONLY. You have gifts that were given to you for you to maximize. I suggest that you go to and take the 15-minute test to get your strengths test results. It’s better to know what your intangibles are than to guess at them.

Understanding the importance of winning. So many people have devalued winning because they simply aren’t winning enough in life. Winning is the feel good feeling you get as a result of your actions. We want you to Constructively Win. That’s doing things that are unsexy in the short-term but are beneficial in the long-term.

Finding the right platform to monetize your strengths to achieve financial abundance and independence. You don’t want to barely get by anymore. Forget living check to check and forget being like the rest of the population that simply hopes to make it.

We’re going to create a plan of attack to help you achieve what you’ve always desired.

When I had an average mindset, I got below average results. When I used the #1Mindset, I created results that I never thought I could ever achieve.


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