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Me? Anxious Much?

Here's an anxiety ridden moment that I had and I'll share with you my mindset throughout the whole process. Yikes!

I had a strange feeling come over me this past weekend. A feeling of being overwhelmed. And you know what I say about being overwhelmed: it means you’re not doing enough.

At the end of the day, that’s what it boiled down to. I wasn’t doing enough. This is my new attitude and mantra ever since I began my entrepreneurial journey. It happens to me because of me is another mantra that I live by.

You see, I’ve committed to many things.

I’m working with my entrepreneurial friend Travis who started his moving company - WeHaul Moving and Services. I’m working on my own business as the #1 Entrepreneur Mindset Coach. I signed up to be the Head Coach of the local football team for kids - Sandpoint Athletic Football League (SAFL).

There’s a lot that goes on inside making a business work like a well oiled machine. Working on my own business has become the biggest challenge that I’ve ever taken on in my life.

When my friend Travis began his moving company, I told him that I’d help him out whenever he needed it. Little did I know that his business would blow up and I’d be helping more often than not. It caught me by surprise and it stretched me thin.

Then of course, I have my own business. That in itself is an incredible amount of work. So where did my overwhelming moment come? It actually came about during the weekend before our football training camp.

I didn't have enough information as to how the camp would be run and how the practices would break down. I like to be ahead of the game. Super prepared. I don't play around when it comes to the things I’ve committed to. Because I didn't have all of the information about the upcoming practices, I was feeling overwhelmed.

I had a feeling of wanting to quit. To be done. Done with being a football coach. Yes. Let me do that. I have enough stuff on my plate. That would at least alleviate pressure and I’d have time to finish the rest of my business stuff.

That was my mindset. Not even kidding. But I’m not a quitter. I don’t quit things, I finish them.

My commitment to those kids and to the SAFL and their program is what stopped me from quitting. When I say I’m all-in, that means I’m 100% all-in.

What made this even worse was that I was going out of town (for WeHaul Moving and Services) for the first week of training camp practices. This is what prompted the initial anxiety. Because I wasn't going to be present during the first week of practices (a commitment that I made), along with not having all of the information about the training camp practices and the business headaches all created this monumental headache.

The SAFL did help out with finding people that will cover my first week and I did get more information about the camp in a meeting before all of this began.

This article is to show you that I have moments of wanting to quit. Moments of feeling overwhelmed and feeling behind. I’m human. We all have these moments. I hope this gives you insight on my anxious moments.

We all have anxious moments. Moments where we just want to throw in the towel and call it a day. Moments when we just want to run away from our problems. Moments when we just want to give up and make time for fun.

But if you read the first part of this article carefully, there’s one thing I said to myself that made me regroup and get back to what I was supposed to be doing.

If I’m overwhelmed, I’m not doing enough. If I don't like my situation or what I’m getting from it, this happens to me because of me.

Those simple phrases have helped me get through my tough times. They help me to redirect my focus on what kind of effort am I applying to the job at hand. It reminds me that if I don't like my situation, It’s because of me and I must change it.

I’m not superhuman, I’m human. I get myself in tough situations but the key is noticing your patterns and getting yourself out of trouble when trouble arrives.


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