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Instant Happiness? READ THIS!

It's challenging to find happiness these days. Here's a few things that will INSTANTLY shift your focus from all the bad to see the good.

Learn to B-E H-A-P-P-Y.



B - Be consciously aware of the choices you make. Most people live their lives on autopilot. They’re living subconsciously. Be aware of the choices you make. Ask one simple question: will this task help to achieve my goal?

Everything must have a purpose. YES. EVERYTHING.

Why? Because everything you did up to this point had gotten you your current results. It’s now time to get the results you want.

E - Extra effort in EVERYTHING. The more action you take, the more things work to your advantage. Replace your old thoughts of what action meant. Most people take action but they’re just doing things. There’s no purpose and they end up like a dog chasing its tail.

When you have purposeful tasks that are geared towards a goal, there are no wasted movements. When you DO MORE of these actions, you get closer to accomplishing your goals. DO MORE.

H - "Happenings" are because of you. "It happens to me because of me.” Say it again. Repeat it again. Keep saying it until you understand that your results are out of what you’ve decided to do. Up to this point, you’ve decided to make subconscious decisions and you didn’t become conscious until you were put in a difficult position.

Those that are consciously aware of what they’re doing, realize ONE THING: everything that is happening to them is because of the decisions they’ve made.

Hence the phrase: it happens to ME because of ME.

YOU are in control. Stop thinking you need someone or something to save you. YOU SAVE YOU. If you can’t save you, you won’t better your life.

Winning the lottery, getting a better job or moving to another aren’t long term solutions to save you. Look at your current habits and you’ll figure out what you need to get rid of to get different results. 

A - Another day is another opportunity to shine! You’ve been granted another day. Do you know how many people die everyday? 150,000 plus. So when you hear my intro to my podcast mention that “you woke up, you’re winning, when you’re breathing, you’re winning” …. I’m not kidding.

How are you looking to maximize these 24 hours? Write down your top three things that you want to make progress on or finish. These are the things that nag you. These are tasks that are geared towards your goals. This is not a to do list. This is a simplistic productivity list. Get productive.

P - Positive mindset is the key to open thoughts. You can’t think negatively and expect positive results. It’s impossible. Being positive doesn't simply mean that things are going to work perfectly. It means that you’re keeping your mind open to the possibilities and that you’re more receptive to new ideas. Your attitude is everything. 

To attack your fears, you’re going to need my book of AUTHENTIC quotes to keep you going! Keep your fire lit and get your copy today! ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

P - Production is key. Stop being busy. You don’t ever want to be busy. Busy means you’re doing things that aren’t leading to progress or completion. Production means you’re moving closer to the goal or accomplishing it.

Work in blocks. I use the app Tomato Timer. It helps with being able to work in specified time blocks with specific break times.

Y - You need to work on thinking highly of yourself. CONSTANTLY. If you think you suck, then you suck. If you think you can’t do it, then you won’t. If you think you won’t measure up, then why bother.

I’m saying these things because we all feel apprehension or self-doubt. The ones that win are the ones that persist through that.

They don’t care about making mistakes or embarrassing themselves. They simply don’t care what others think about their failures. They press on no matter what.

Stop thinking so lowly of yourself. Stop thinking that you’re not worthy. Stop thinking that your failures mean the world will end and that you’ll be in financial ruin.


  • Validate yourself. You can do it. Just start.

  • Promote your strengths and work on them daily. Stop thinking you need college or training for everything. You have intangible gifts that need to be sharpened.

  • Surround yourself with others that make you feel better about being YOU.

  • Stop trying to prove yourself to haters and naysayers.

  • Read and speak positive affirmations to yourself daily.

Choose to BE HAPPY. It’s really that simple. Make a conscious choice.

Stay positive,


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