If You Want to Win Like Tom, Then Get Like Tom

If you do a few of these crazy things then YOU TOO can become a constant winner like Tom Brady!

Winning isn't accidental - IT'S PURPOSEFUL.

Most people hate on Tom Brady. And I get it. The dude wins damn near every year. If he doesn’t win, he’s in the championship like every damn year.

It’s easy to hate on the person that’s always winning. But let’s get real here: if you were Tom Brady, you wouldn’t be talking about retirement either. In fact, you would want to do it AGAIN next year. If that sounds odd to you, it’s time for you to get in the mind of the great ones.

Let’s learn something from Tom Brady.

Tom takes care of his mind FIRST. Tom invests his mindset towards playing brain games to keep his mind sharp. Read this article from CNBC to get more insight.

The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Technically your brain isn’t a muscle but here’s the deal: if you don’t exercise this “muscle,” it will atrophy.

This is the reason why most people quit going for what they want. Their brains hurt. What they don't realize is that their brain is working hard to come up with solutions.

The New Year’s Resolution people are a great example for this. Why? Because they’re gung-ho when it comes to planning the perfect workout plan but somewhere along the way, they must’ve forgotten that they need to workout. AND HURT WHILE DOING IT.

I recommend a brain game app that I’ve used for years that keeps me sharp as a tack. The game is called Elevate. It has a free version and a paid version. Download it today!