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I Still Can’t Believe It

One year after Daisy was born and I still can't believe that she was the reason for all of this change in our lives.

One year ago, Daisy Emmelynn Blumenberg was born on February 18, 2018. We weren’t expecting to have four children. In fact, I was supposed to get a vasectomy right after the birth of Skylar. TMI? Of course. Stay with me here.

There are no accidents.

After Skylar was born, Michelle and I decided we were done with having anymore kids. We were already crazy, why make ourselves insane. The problem was, I was too chicken to go and get snipped. So we often rolled the dice if you understand what I mean. And then one day in May 2016 after a long day with my football team, I came home to my wife and kids. It was 11pm and I was sure that everyone would be sleep.

But that wasn’t the case. One person was awake. Wide awake. That one person was my wife, Michelle. I thought she was being nice and staying up late to greet me when I got home. It felt quite special because she’s usually asleep but little did I know that something else was on her mind.

She took a pregnancy test earlier in the day unbeknownst to me and the test results were positive. Since this was not in our plans to happen, she couldn’t fall asleep. And for good reason. When I found out Michelle was pregnant, I was floored. I thought to myself, how could this happen? Well, let’s get something straight, I knew how it happened, I just didn’t know how I could let it happen this way.

A funny thing happened though. This pregnancy changed our lives. A few years ago, I joked around with Michelle about kids and moving to Idaho. I told her that I would bet if we had a fourth child, I would automatically move to Idaho. Now let me let you in on something, this was around the time Skylar was born (2014). This was before the Schaumburg incident when life seemed pretty damn good.

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I had no intention of moving to Idaho and she had no intention on having a fourth child. We drew the lines in the sand. But then it happened.

She got pregnant and the bet surfaced. Only this time I was ready to move and she was having this baby.

We were in an accepting part of our life. I think we forced it upon ourselves with our actions (getting pregnant) but one year later, it was the best damn thing that ever happened to us. This journey has been amazing to say the least.

Now that we’ve been in Idaho for six months, it feels like we’ve been here forever. Like we were supposed to be here. It feels like home. Looking back at our journey to get here, it sure as hell wasn't easy but it was worth the headbands and frustrations. The sleepless nights and the struggles for cash. The job changes and the life changes.

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It was all worth it. And now that Daisy has turned one, it seems like yesterday that she was born. Time flies when you create the life you want.

Be awesome all day, everyday.


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