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Here’s Why Winning Cultures Matter

Are you a ride or die fan or are you a bandwagon fan? When people talk about their favorite sports teams, it can be a fight to the death.

Trey (Bears shirt) is pictured with his Grandpa Rick (Packers shirt) which are both hated rivals. No - not Grandpa Rick and Trey, they don’t hate each other at all but we all know the history between the Packers/Bears rivalry.

Have you ever thought about how people identify so hard with a specific sports team and why?

I’m a Bears fan (naturally being from Chicago) but I rooted heavily for the New York Giants in 2007. Why? Because they had a chance to beat the Patriots at the end of the season but they lost. Since that loss, I rooted for them to win every playoff game to which they did. They entered Super Bowl XXLII as heavy under dogs and eventually defeated the once undefeated historic Patriots team to win Super Bowl XXLII.

And ever since then, I’ve rooted for the Giants as well as rooting for the Bears. And YES, you can root for two different teams. A great side note is that the Giants are the only team to have beaten the great Patriots teams twice in Super Bowls!

I say all of this to help you understand the importance of siding with winners and losers. Currently the Bears and Giants aren’t doing too well so it’s easy to say that they’re losers.

The Packers on the other hand are in the NFC Championship game to which they’ll be playing for the chance to go to Super Bowl XLIV.

Winners associate with winners. This is the reason why bandwagon fans are constantly jumping from team to team. They want to associate with the winners. This is similar to the reason why people always chase the next good thing. Because they want to associate themselves with a winning culture.

But how about the fans that are loyal?

Do you know the Patriots used to be a laughing stock? Yea ... remember? I’m a Bears fan. Our Bears throttled them in Super Bowl XX 46-10 at the Superdome in 1986. There were loyal Pats fans that stuck with them and 15 years later they won their first Super Bowl in that same building!

The rest is history!

The Pats became a dynasty and won five more trophies until FINALLY getting knocked out of the playoffs this year.

We all want to be a part of a winning culture. Whether it’s sports or our job. We want to be a part of something that makes us feel like we matter. We want to be a part of a culture that stands out.

We want to feel like WINNERS.

I want you to find the winning cultures in your life. Be a part of things that progress in the direction you desire. Be a part of a team that makes you feel like you matter.

This goes with anything in life!

Don’t put more energy into cheering on the Packers than you do for your own damn job. I want you to stand up for more than just that.

Find the winning cultures in your life and stick with them. I want you to be a part of something bigger than you that motivates you and drives you to want to be your best EVERYDAY!

I want this for you. I want you to want this MORE for you as well.

By the way, …

GO NINERS. We still love you Grandpa Rick....

Remember… I’m a Bears fan. I can’t root for the Packers to win!?!


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