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Google Me - No Not Me - Google Yourself! Here's Why

This COVID-19 quarantine should teach you a few EXTREMELY important things about breaking through the white noise of the internet.

I remember my college professor telling me about using this thing called Google when I needed to do research for a paper. I remember thinking you myself, “What in theee hell is a Google?”


Google has become a staple of research in our lives FOR EVERYTHING we do.

Here are some crazy Google stats:

✅ Google processes 40,000 search queries every second

✅ 3.5 billion searches per day

✅ 1.2 trillion searches per year

✅ Google is the most visited website in the world

✅ It owns 92.18% of the search engine market share.

✅ 63% of Google searches come from mobile devices.

These stats are mind boggling. Did you know when I was in college (2000), Google only had about 10K searches a day?

So why am I all about Google?

Well… here’s the deal. If you didn’t know who Fred Blumenberg was and you found me on social media, you might want to know MORE about me. Some people just like to dig deeper and look for more info than my social media or website would give them.

So they Google me.

Go to your search right now and type in Fred Blumenberg. GO AHEAD - DO IT!

The reason why I want you to Google me is because I’m AUTHENTIC. And, I already know you will.

I’ve coached many entrepreneurs and have had to express to them that if your client can’t find you on Google, then you’re not doing enough to become relevant in your space.

This is important in the noise of the internet. Google is like the yellow pages for us Old Heads. Whatever you put on the Internet, won’t become relevant for at least 3-6 months on Google.

And YES, even for a name like John Smith, Google needs to recognize what kind of John Smith are YOU? Are you an entrepreneur, a painter, a recruiter, a chef, a videographer?? WHO ARE YOU?

This quarantine period should teach you a lot about the online world as well as the social media world.

More people were sent home to do their jobs ONLINE. More people heard about their news via SOCIAL MEDIA. More people watched programs via STREAM TV.

Understand the importance of this. From here on out, you can expect your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) to be the immediate source for new employers to find out who you are and what you’re about.

Understand the importance of having a website (no matter how extravagant or simplistic it is) to tell the world through your own words about yourself. It’ll also become your new resume to the world.

Also, understand the importance of Googling yourself. It’ll be the trusted provider for many people to get the truth about who you are and what you do.

Still don’t think any of this is relevant?

In 2016, I worked for a special education district where I recruited and hired many people to work for our district.

One of my most accurate recruiting measures was the use of ALL social media platforms as well as searching Google.

I was able to find THE RIGHT TALENT to fit our district as opposed to hoping the interview would go good and hoping they’d fit what we were looking for.

So from now on, post on social media who you post to be. If you don’t understand this, click this link to get insight on the importance of posting the right content. ➡️ CLICK ME TO FIND OUT HOW TO POST THE RIGHT CONTENT 😎!

There’s sharks out there! Don’t get eaten by them. Be relevant

Do you need a boost of confidence? Text me!

Text the word “POSITIVE” to +1-630-391-2549 and receive one uplifting positive text message a day

Stay positive


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