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Goals Are Like Google Maps: You Can Never Get Off Track

Do you use Google Maps in your life? How about using it for your goals? Read on to see why you should!

Do you know EXACTLY how to attain your goals or are you just guessing and hoping that one day you'll reach them?


Google Maps launched on February 8, 2005. They’ve literally changed the game. You remember Mapquest? Yea, … no one does. Why? Because Google Maps dominated them and made driving a completely different experience.

I remember having to print out directions for Mapquest to get to the right location. Yes, it was ahead of its time but Google to it to the next three levels by creating a map you could use on your mobile device. They literally got rid of Mapquest and the TomTom’s all at once.

Who the hell uses either of those anymore? It’s kind of like how iPhone destroyed Blackberry. If someone pulled out either of those devices, you’d look at them like they came out of the movie Back to the Future. Like, what’s wrong with this dude? Is he lost?

We’re not talking about technology. We’re talking about how and why you should write down goals. Goals are like a Google Maps. Once you have them down, you have power.

  • You have direction.

  • You have a deadline of when to achieve this goal.

  • You have options of different routes you can take to get to your destination.

  • It has where the construction zones and detours are.

  • You can preview the route you want to take.

  • You can never get lost. It’ll reroute you back on track.

This is what goals are to you. Your goals are akin to Google Maps. When you have goals they give you direction. When you have a deadline, you know exactly how much time you’re allowing yourself to complete this goal. When you have mentors, they can give you guidance to help you through the rough parts of your journey.

You have options to choose from when you keep an open mind along your journey to completing your goals and whenever you have a goal with a deadline, you can never get distracted.

You can’t “get lost” because your goal is something that’s written down and focused on until completion. Much like your drive to your destination using Google Maps.

Without Google Maps, you can get lost. Easily. Now for those that are older than me that will give me the speech about using your brain power, etc etc, listen, you want to cut down your time frame. Use a tool that helps you cut down time. Great. You know the way on your own. Even better.

But if you aren’t 100% certain, then you’re only adding time to your success by trying to prove someone wrong which is nothing but a wasteful ego trip.

Write down your goals and hyper focus on them everyday. Give them deadlines and work towards them because your life depends on you achieving success.

Yes, I will say it again, your life depends on you achieving success. Because your success is directly related to your confidence, your happiness and your finances. There’s no two ways around that.

Whether you use Google Maps or not in real life, be sure to use goals as your Google Maps in your own personal life. Every. Damn. Day.

Stay positive,


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