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Being Authentic on Social Media Will Separate You From the Fakes

Social media is LITTERED with fake people. The only way to stand out is to be confident by being yourself - BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

Most people post fake stuff all day long because they're too chicken to be their real selves.


If you’ve followed me long enough, you know what I mean by being AUTHENTIC. Many people use this word but don’t have the right interpretation of it.

So let me be clear with what I mean by being AUTHENTIC.

Before we get into my interpretation, let’s look up the word in the dictionary.

Being AUTHENTIC is about showing the good, the bad and the ugly parts of your life. Posting you vulnerabilities and insecurities every now and then. Why? Because people want to follow REAL PEOPLE.


Here are the best ways to show AUTHENTICITY on social media so you can separate yourself from the fakes:


If you can’t be honest, then your word isn’t bond. You’re a fake. There were MANY fakes that were selling courses that THEY don’t even use JUST to get people’s money.

Funny how those SAME PEOPLE are all of a sudden begging for a stimulus check to come through. Listen, I’m not rich beyond my means but I also don’t boast on how I can make you millions of dollars and I haven’t even achieved that yet.

I’m honest, genuine and upfront. I’m not hiding or ducking and dodging.

When you see me on video or hear me on a podcast, that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get in real life. Whether it be video chat, phone call or meet-up - I’m the same person. I’m AUTHENTIC.

2 - Show Your Audience The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Stop acting like you have zero flaws and you’ve reached this Platinum Level of Perfection. Why do you think there’s a TMZ? Because they want to catch the AUTHENTIC side of celebrities. Whether you like TMZ or not, they catch the side of celebrities and sports figures that you’d NEVER see and they do it with accuracy.

They also do this to expose people for who they really are. Listen, I don’t care much for the tactics of how they go about their business but they do a damn good job of showing you a “normal” or human side of celebrities.

What does that mean to you?

Be willing to show your vulnerabilities and what makes you fall short of your glory. Be willing to humanize yourself so you can be relatable and have a genuine experience with your audience. Be willing to BE REAL and say, “I royally messed up.”


Because WE ALL royally mess up. But if you’re walking around acting like you’ve reached the pinnacle of success, then don’t be surprised when folks start purposely looking for your demise and pile on when you fail.


3 - Rid Yourself of Being Self-Made

There’s no such thing as self-made ANYTHING. SOMEONE had to believe in you and take a chance on you. Whether it was someone investing their time or money into your product, service or just investing in you. You needed the help of one person, which propelled you to the next and to the next and to the next.

This means you ARE NOT self-made. You needed help, you needed assistance. No shame in that. WE ALL NEED HELP AND ASSISTANCE.

Why do I say this?

Because most people forget that their journey in life is NOT about them. It might START with them but it’s ultimately about the people they surround themselves with, the people that have helped them and the people that believed in them - NO MATTER WHAT.

When you realize it’s a WE over ME thing, you go infinitely further. You eliminate the ego and you plug in to your community. You let go of the need to prove others wrong and you connect with the need to cheer others on because you know that you will be cheered on by others.

When I connect with people, I truly want to see them win. This has NOTHING to do with me. This has to do with the fact that I NEVER had anyone (other than my mother) to JUST cheer me on without needing something in return from me. Most people are so afraid to cheer others on because they think it’ll take away from their success. EGO. When you go out of your way to cheer someone else on WITHOUT NEEDING SOMETHING from them, you are a cheering section for them. You’re someone who truly wants to see that person succeed for the sheer joy of it all.

Because you know that one day, you’ll wish to be cheered on just as you were cheering someone else on.

Get it?

It’s about being genuine. It’s about BEING AUTHENTIC.

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Stay positive,


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