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Embracing The Dark Side is What You Need to Succeed

For the longest time, I tried to avoid the bad stuff that came with being successful. Once I embraced The Dark Side, that's when things started falling into place.

The reason why most people quit on their dreams is because they have to go through The Dark Side to get there.


The road to success is going to take you through The Dark Side. To become successful, you'll have to endure The Dark Side to get to the other side. Why do you think I talk about "seeing you on the other side" as my outro to my videos, podcasts, etc? It's because I know you're going to have to travel through The Dark Side.

You can’t achieve success in any area of life without going through some insane amount of massive struggle. The quitters are the no-getters, the haters and the naysayers. The ones who’ve quit on their dreams and will do anything they can to make you quit on yours.

Take a look at the picture below. These are all of the quitters that will get in your way on your journey to success.


These fools are everywhere. In fact, the first thing I did was audit my friends list and get rid of the Negative Nancy’s that I talked to or text. I either deleted them from my phone or spent less time talking to them.



I realized that rejection was a good thing for me. If I could persist beyond being rejected and understand that the rejection had NOTHING to do with me and only with my approach, then it was a win-win.

I learned to not take rejection personally and only learned to get results. Once I did that, I was able to focus on results and not feelings.


There’s a lot of people you think are your friends and you find out that they’re really undercover haters. I remember starting forex trading back in 2015 and I was gung-ho on creating success. After telling my friend what I planned to do, his first response was “only sharks can pull that off.”

No support, no “hey you can do it”... just a blatant message that I wasn't good enough to succeed like the “sharks.”

Most of the time, your friends will respond to your goals with a failure message or something that will try to deter you from going after what you want. If they simply don’t support you, SPEND LESS TIME WITH THEM.

You don’t need to prove them wrong and you don’t need to change their minds. Get rid of them and surround yourself with like-minded people.

Haters will at least outright hate on you. They’re usually blatant about it which is fine because at least they’re not trying to hide behind what they say.

Spend less time with these fools too.

The same message goes for family members. You may even live with some of them but the idea is to NOT ENGAGE in conversation about what you’re working to do. Some family members just engage with you to prove you wrong or to belittle you or what you’re working to do. Just don’t engage. Put your head into your work and take massive action.

GET RESULTS FOR YOU NOT THEM. You don’t need to prove shit to anyone but YOURSELF.

Once you focus on you and what you want, everything and everyone else becomes irrelevant.

Also, the cool thing about social media is that you can get into a group of like-minded people on Facebook to further enhance your ability to succeed.

I have a private Facebook group of positive, uplifting and like-minded people who are AUTHENTIC and are all about lifting each other up. We do this EVERYDAY!

Please join our group to get a boost of confidence and positive energy by clicking on the picture below!


Society loves to herd everyone in a certain direction. Have you noticed that there’s a 1% who’ve become successful for a reason? The 1% has broken away from the Herd Mentality and has created success outside the box.

In other words, don’t follow what everyone else is doing because if you do, you’ll only get what everyone else is getting.

If you want true success, then you need to study those who have created the success you desire. And I can guarantee you that they DID NOT PLAY BY SOCIETY’S RULES.

If you’re unable to play outside the box and be uncomfortable, then you will never achieve the success you desire. Be a rule breaker and play outside the box.


Fear is the number one reason why most people don’t even attempt to go after their dreams. They’re so strapped to a steady paycheck and a certain lifestyle that if they decide to get rid of that and pursue the unknown, they’ll feel guilty of making that choice.

If you avoid your fears, guilt of not going for what you want will eventually turn into REGRET in the long run and regret is worse than any fear you could ever imagine.


Because regret is a demon that NEVER goes away until you FINALLY attack that thing you’ve regretted for so long. And what’s attached to regret? Fear. It’s a double edged sword that people are too afraid to even begin to deal with.



Lawyers are great at their job. They do their best at trying to create doubt and uncertainty to the jury for the sole purpose of making them think about EVERY POSSIBILITY that could’ve happened in a situation.

Doubt isn't good for you. It will make you do the same thing about a situation that you should be attacking. Doubt is like a lawyer trying to convince you of a possibility of something that COULD HAPPEN.


When you doubt yourself, you cause yourself to overthink. Overthinking leads to worry and anxiety. These new worries lead to you retreating from the work that you’re supposed to do. And when you don’t do the work, you stay strapped in fear of WHAT COULD HAPPEN.

Anxieties and worries are your brain's notifications to you to TAKE MORE ACTION.

When you don’t take enough action, your mind is forced to think out all of the possibilities of what could happen based on what you should be doing.

If you JUST DID THE WORK, you’d only have to analyze the results and then move forward with specific action.

When you do the work, it simplifies the billions if possible outcomes and minimizes them to a select few outcomes.

Feeling worry? Feeling anxious? TAKE. MORE. ACTION. PERIOD. GO!

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Stay positive,


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