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10,000 Failures to Success? Should I Do It?

The people on social media are lying to you. They're not showing any failures so there's no way they're succeeding at anything.

If you don't like to fail or completely avoid failure altogether, then you can FORGET about your chances of succeeding AT ANYTHING.


Too harsh? Good - it’s supposed to be. Why so harsh? Let’s face it, most people want the unicorns, rainbows and candy talk about how to succeed but real success requires you to persist through your failures.

What if I told you that you needed to fail 10,000 times for you to create the ultimate success that you desire? You know what you’d do?

You would calculate how many times you could fail in one day. You’d LOOK TO FAIL MORE OFTEN.

You wouldn’t be worried about failing and you wouldn’t care how you failed, you would be too focused on failing as often as you could so you could become successful.

That’s what you need to be doing RIGHT NOW! You need to be trying out as many new things as you can and looking to find the right plan of action to create the success you desire. Most people plan too much and don’t take enough action.

Do more, fail more so you can succeed MORE.

You’d be more about trial and error as opposed to being right or wrong. Most people are stuck on making the right or wrong choice. Trial and error gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want so long as you’re working toward your common goal.

You’d also remain more focused on your goal if you were trying to fail 10,000 times to succeed. Your focus would be finite. You wouldn’t pay attention to anything that wasn’t geared towards your 10,000 failures to success.

You’d minimize distractions and you’d refine your process so that each time you failed, it would strategically move you that much closer to your desired level of success.

Most importantly, you’d WANT to fail to achieve success as opposed to wanting to avoid failure altogether. Failure is not a bad thing. It reminds you that you need to try another method to reach your desired success. Most people hate the idea of failure but it’s usually because of the stigma that society has put on failing.

Be someone that wants to fail OFTEN. Be the person that looks to fail forward. Be the person that’s using failure as a means to create the success you desire.

Failure is your friend. You can’t create the success you desire without failing MANY MANY times.

Stay positive,


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