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Being Hospitalized Prepared Me for the Wrath of 2020

Did you know that I was hospitalized with a freak knee-infection in 2018? It was a battle that prepared me for today and here's why being positive saved me from the depths of Hell.

COVID-19 has most people freaking out to the point that they're fighting it out in the comment sections on social media.


If you wonder why I speak so adamantly about the power of a positive mindset, it's because I LIVE IT. Let me tell you a story about how a freak knee infection put my ass in the hospital and halted my life instantly.

MON, OCT 15, 2018 to MON, Oct 22, 2018 (one whole week), was the amount of time I spent in the hospital after I got an infection in my left knee. Imagine going from normalcy to two surgeries and learning how to walk again.

It came out of nowhere and blindsided me and my family. Drastic change. My mindset was supremely challenged. There were many days of tears, there were many days of extreme pain and there were many days that I questioned myself:

Can I get through this?  

I will tell you one very important thing and it matters across everything you do in life. Listen up.

If you’re not consciously aware of what you’re saying to yourself (in your mind) then you will ultimately defeat yourself.

Positive Vibes Only

Sounds simple right? It’s not. Here’s the deal, I’ve been working on fortifying my mindset to deflect negativity ever since I can remember. Fortifying your mindset with positive vibes is essential because when you allow negativity or doubt to set up shop in your mind, you allow these cancerous thoughts to become what you focus on the most.

Being in the hospital and being immobile along with excruciating pain is an easy cocktail for disaster to make you think you’ll never recover. It’s easy to have the ‘why me’ thoughts. It’s easy to dive into the dark areas of your life and think of all the bad possibilities and outcomes that could come to fruition.

A consistent positive mindset before entering a terrible situation will save you when you’re encountering what will seem like impossible odds. When your body is physically breaking down, your mindset will have to be a fortress of impenetrable positivity and ‘can do’ spirit.

Let the Mind Control the Body

My body was fighting an infection that literally blew up my knee. I had a strep infection that destroyed everything in my left knee. Before the infection, I had a worn out ACL, a weakened PCL and my meniscus was pretty much gone. I had an arthritic knee but I was managing pretty well. Safe to say, I would’ve eventually needed a knee replacement at some point in the future.

The infection obliterated every part of my left knee and left me with the inability to walk as well as bend my leg properly at the joint.

If my mindset was one of constantly focusing on the current circumstances, I’d be defeated from the start.

I’d drown my sorrows into the ‘why me’ victim mentality and I’d worsen my recovery by sabotaging any type of success.

My mindset is always one of dominating the competition. Winning at everything. Being the best no matter what physical condition I may be in.

I’m so competitive that while I was in the hospital, I saw a PT (Physical Therapy) worker working with an older woman (perhaps in her 80s). The woman in her 80s was walking down the hall with ease using her walker. I was insanely jealous because I was barely making any strides with my walker to get from my bed to the toilet.

But seeing that woman move down the hall so fast instantly got my competitive juices flowing and I felt the need to perform better when PT saw me the next time. And I did.

Goals Are Essential

In fact, I began to create goals of landmark points that I needed to get to in order to make progress. Goals keep the mind and body moving towards completing a bigger purpose.

Executing your goals helps your mindset when it comes to achieving the impossible. The more goals you achieve the greater your chances of improving your overall situation. Another caveat to achieving lots of goals is confidence. Confidence is attained through constant repetition of a certain activity that produces a predictable outcome. The more goals you achieve, the more you’ll want to do and the better you’ll feel.

The hospital was a challenge to my mental, physical and emotional well being. I was challenged many times when it came to my body physically failing me during certain intervals of testing, etc. But because my mindset was already an indestructible force of positivity, success minded and opportunity driven, then my mental outcome was light years ahead of most people when they exit the hospital.

This article is important for you to understand that life can flip you on your ass in a New York minute. Were you mentally prepared for 2020? Most people weren't. In fact, most people are still trying to figure out how to deal with the rest of 2020.

Even while in the hospital, I worked on my business. Coaching clients, calling people, updating my social media, etc.

Your mindset is key. It’s nothing to play around with. EVERYONE needs a coach to help them simplify things as well as give them some insight on how to stay focused through life’s toughest challenges.

Stay positive!


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