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A Family Vlog? Why Not!

I preach about authenticity. Well, here's some insight on why I decided to bring you into my life and show you my family's AUTHENTIC side.

Most people wouldn’t ever think of creating a vlog especially one that shows their daily life. Do you know why? Because most people don’t know how to show the truth about their life and remain authentic. Most of your fakepreneurs on social media seem to live these glamorous lives by showing themselves doing amazing things and being in amazing places but one thing seems to remain the same:

I don’t know who they truly are.

Yes, I know who they are based on what they post online but WHO ARE THEY REALLY? Are they showing me the good, the bad and the ugly parts of their lives or are they just showing me all of the victories and how they’re coasting to success.

In February, I started a family vlog called Be Authentic Family: Fun, Work, Marriage & Reality. The point of me creating a vlog amidst the craziness that I already do was to help others understand more about my family and why I do what I do. It’s also to help other entrepreneur stay-at-home moms or dads to get an all-access view of what it’s like to do what I’m doing and how I’m able to create success.

What started out as a thing to help other entrepreneurs turned out to be something that brought us all closer together. Not that we weren’t already a close knit family but it was nice to bring other people into our crazy ass lives.

Listen, the stuff I capture on camera is legit. This isn’t scripted reality TV, this is real life shit.

All of this is being recorded from my iPhone 7 Plus. I say this because I don’t have videographer or an editor that’s able to edit my final takes. It’s just me - doing all the work. I should probably outsource the work, especially since I’m two months behind on posting vlogs. But it’s all good.

So why start a family vlog? Simple. It’s to help other entrepreneur moms and dads understand one important thing: it’s okay to not be perfect and still go for what you truly want in life. Everything that I show is about remaining authentic and as raw to the truth as possible. I’m a genuine dude with a great family.

I have many imperfect moments and many days where the house is messy as hell. There are many times my kids act crazy and out of control. There are days that I seem frazzled and where I can’t get a grip on things. There are days when I’m feeling awesome and things seem to be silly as hell. Many moments of crazy and silly behavior from all of us.

It’s about showing Fun, Work, Marriage & Reality. Because that’s what my authentic entrepreneur journey is about. I hope that this can help you in some way to know that there’s someone out there with the same set of circumstances as you and that I’m able to show you that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

We lift each other up. Each one teach one. I hope I’m able to bring some joy and laughter to your life along with some reality and authenticity!

You can catch our family vlog primarily on IGTV at YouTube channel coming soon!


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