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A Challenging Halloween for Daddy

On one of my favorite days of the year to have fun with my kids, I was forced to stay home because of my bum knee. Needless to say, this was extremely difficult for me.

I missed out on Trick or Treating with my kids this year. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do - hang with the kids while we go to spooky houses and get candy.

Unfortunately my recent hospitalization because of my infected knee has prevented me from doing a lot over the past month. On Oct 7, 2018, my knee was infected by a Strep virus. I had surgery to clean out the infection a week later and have been at home in recovery mode ever since.

A lot has changed in terms of my mobility and what I’m capable of doing. I’m way more tired than usual, I hurt often (because of my recovery) and I’m limited in my range of motion on my leg which has prevented me from doing a lot.

It’s one of the biggest mental challenges I’ve had to endure. Ever since I’ve started my entrepreneurial journey, October has been one of those months that’s always been challenging.

Oct 7, 2015 was when I signed my resignation papers to Schaumburg School District 54. This began my journey towards working for myself. Oct 2016 I was on my way to leveling up and getting a new job within the school district. Oct 2017 I was watching my two baby girls (Sky - 3yo and Daisy 6mos). It was the biggest challenge of my life. Until now - Oct 2018 brings on a septic knee that’s limited my movement from super active to almost non-existent. YIKES!

This is not how I pictured Halloween 2018 going down. But that’s what it is. I was forced to stay home because of the intense pain in my knee. I couldn’t get out and Trick or Treat with my babies in the streets and be silly with them. You guys know how I do - I usually post these videos on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook story feeds. I take you on the journey with me and my family. That's what I do with anything involving social media.

I show you the good, the bad and the ugly. Social media is an extension of my life. Far too often, people use social media for one of two things:

  • A breeding ground to blame the world for every shortcoming in human existence.

  • To show all the good and the glitz and glamor that happens in their fake lives. As if all good happens to them and they have zero bad days.

I show everything. I’m showing an authentic journey. I’m not just here to show you all the good but I’m willing to show you my failures (the bad) as well as be vulnerable and show you my shortcomings (the ugly). I’m showing you a process that’s forever evolving and I’m including you in on my entrepreneurial journey.

Naturally when I couldn’t go Trick or Treating with my kids, I was mad at myself. I was mad at my leg and my body betraying me with this infection. All of this was going on in my mental psyche. I turned it around but it was the simple fact that I couldn't go because of a physical ailment.

Trick or Treating with my kids is where I get to dress up and act a fool alongside them. It’s the one time we can all get scared when we walk up to one of those spooky houses only for me to scare the kids during the walk up to the spooky house.

That kind of stuff is extremely fun for a dad like me. But this year was different for me. Halloween 2018 was one that I had to sit out because of my physical condition. Being home with my aching leg and my thoughts made me really appreciate the time that I have with my kids.

As much as I want to speed this process up, I can’t. My body will heal on its own time and it’s something that I have to be patient with. Patience. Ugh.

To be continued…

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