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4th of July Patriotism? Well......

This is the first 4th of July that I have ever experienced where I don't know how much of the country REALLY wants to celebrate the 4th at all!?!

Our country is in turmoil but I’m still feeling patriotic.


Lately there’s been A LOT GOING ON in our country. The US has had to deal with:

  • COVID-19 pandemic

  • High unemployment

  • Race wars

  • Riots

  • Police brutality and/or defunding of the police

  • Back and forth bashing of political parties (Democrats and Republicans).

So how can anyone be in the patriotic spirit around here?

Well for me, this is simple: I love my country.

I get it, there’s a lot going on but let me be upfront here: I love my country.

I do.

It’s easy to point the finger at our government and say what they’re doing and not doing and point out all the wrongs.

It’s easy to point at the citizens of the US and point out how entitled we all act.

It’s easy to point at our differences within races and look at the system that doesn’t seem to work for everybody.

It’s easy to look at our country and point out how we look like we don’t have it together.

It’s easy.

But you know what, no matter what’s going on, I’m humbly honored and proud to be an American.

I’m humbly honored and proud to have freedom of speech and to not be limited to keeping my thoughts to myself or being jailed for doing what’s right.

I’m humbly honored and proud to live in a country that allows you the ability to create ANYTHING and make money from it.

I’m humbly honored and proud to live in a country that has access to many things that I wouldn’t dare take for granted:

  • Running clean water (hot or cold)

  • Safe and clean roads and interstates

  • Comfortable housing

  • Garbage and waste products taken away cleanly

  • Ability to get food anywhere at anytime

  • Amazing national parks

  • The right to bear a firearms

  • Heating and air conditioning (don’t laugh, this is a luxury in lots of places).

  • Police/fire/nurses/doctors

  • And most importantly, the ability to sleep safely at night

A lot of what I mentioned above are the basics. You may think to yourself that there’s a lot more to be thankful for and you’re right. There is. But here’s the deal: I’m thankful and grateful for basic things that we take for granted here in the US.

America is a nation where people have been coming for centuries to seek a new opportunity and a new way of life. I’m not going to sugar coat things and say that America is perfect. It is FAR from that but just like we love our family members unconditionally, I also love America unconditionally.

It’s easy for people that live here and bash our country.

They have the option to leave and seek comfort in another place. That’s not a threat to say “go somewhere else.” That’s me saying: if you think it’s that bad, you can always move somewhere that will suit your needs.

The US has done a lot of things that haven’t been seen in a good light and I will admit, there are a lot of US citizens that are oblivious to some of the domestic things that cause strife and division.

But on this 4th of July, I will stand tall and say that I’m honored and proud to love and support my independence in my country. I’m not claiming it’s perfect but I am claiming to be humbly honored to be a US citizen.

Stay positive during this 4th of July weekend!


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