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Become a Stone Cold Finisher in 10 Easy Steps!

Are you someone who's reliable? Someone who's known for coming through in the clutch? If not, then this article is FOR YOU!

Doubting yourself to see something through? Let me help you become Stone Cold!



That’s all that matters. 


1 - Make your plan simple and attack it like you have Stage 4 cancer. 

YES. Literally I want you to imagine yourself with limited time to live. This is not to put you in panic mode, it’s to make you realize that you only have so many days on earth. Let’s make shit happen with an urgent mindset.

2 - Measure your progress.

Your goal must be something that can be measured daily. If you can’t measure it, you’re not likely to follow through with it.

3 - Be accountable for your time.

You’re devoting your time to something. Be aware of where you’re dedicating your time and you’ll see what you deem as most important to you.

4 - Create an expectation.

Set a goal and be specific about it. You want to run a 5K? Great? How do you feel when you’ve accomplished this goal? How much time do you want to run it in? Where do you want to run the 5K? Get specific and create what you expect from your result.

5 - Visualize yourself achieving your goal.

Use vision boards or meditate daily. Watch videos of other people doing what you want to accomplish. Immerse yourself in the world you want to be in. Do this daily.

6 - Get better at finishing small tasks daily.

The more you practice the habit of finishing, the better you get.

7 - Shun the haters and naysayers. Get these idiots away from you.

They’re the equivalent of mosquitos on a hot summer night. You just want to enjoy the evening but these bloodthirsty creatures want to suck blood from you. Don’t waste time swatting these fools out of your life. Stay away from them and find people that support you.

8 - Become a creative problem solver.

Many times you won’t have the tools or the money to throw at a problem and instantly solve it. Learn to be creative in how you overcome a challenge to get through to the next level.

9 - Understand your rhythmic pattern.

You know when you’re likely to quit something. What’s the trigger? What stumps you? What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? Answer these questions and don’t hold back.

10 - Treat everything you do like it's trial and error.

There are no perfections. Understand one thing: I don't care how many times you’ve tried to do this one particular thing and failed. All I care about is that you’re making progress and you’re looking to finish.

Being a Stone Cold Finisher means you can come through in any situation. When you do, IT DOESN'T SURPRISE YOU - IT SURPRISES THEM!

Stay positive,


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