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Are You Hoping to Win or Working to Win?

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! You have to be clear on what you're really doing with your actions.

Are you HOPING to win or are you WORKING to win? Which one?


Hope is a good thing to have however too many people rely on The Hope Method as opposed to going out and making things happen. 

The Hope Method consists of a few things that give people a false sense that they’re making progress or that they’re in the process of making progress.

Here’s the deal: I’m not saying don’t have hope. I’m saying don’t rely solely on hope alone. You must create daily action.

The Hope Method

  • Plan, research and think about things that you want to happen.

  • Perform a little amount of action and commit a lot of energy towards hope.

  • Your action is geared toward the hopes of an outcome as opposed to calculated action geared towards a specific result.

  • Wait for things to happen to and for you. “Good things come to those who wait” is a motto you live by.

The Hope Method never works. 

In theory, it sounds good but most people that employ The Hope Method often find themselves working off of emotional thought process and not a calculated action process. 

Work towards creating success on purpose. Work towards winning. Most people devalue winning because they’re not winning enough. 

Go for the Win

  • You’re 100% all-in committed. You don’t care about needing to know everything about everything. You’ll figure it out as you go along and you’ll get help from those who already know what to do.

  • You perform massive action and commit little energy to hope.

  • Your action is calculated and it’s geared towards a specific result. There are no wasted movements in your day. No wasted time or energy.

  • You’re a go-getter. You’re not waiting for anything. The one who waits, is the one who loses.

When you go for the win, you don’t leave anything to chance. You’re 100% all-in committed to creating success no matter what. You don’t care what others think, you don’t care about the obstacles that get in your way and you don’t waste time hoping. 

You do the work with the intent to succeed. 

Calculated steps, calculated actions, calculated results. 

Don’t hope to win. You must purposely go for the win. 



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