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6-Weeks Double Your Confidence Challenge! 1:1 Coaching


6-Weeks Double Your Confidence Challenge! 1:1 Coaching

  • Double your confidence in ANY SITUATION around ANYONE and get wins in under 6 weeks!


    Virtually meet with Coach Fred 1:1 for 6-full weeks and get CHALLENGED! He pushes you to perform at the highest levels so you can transform into the newest most powerful version of YOU!


    6 weeks from now, you will be the most confident you've ever been in your entire life!


    What would "Double Your Confidence" mean for you?


    Leveling Up in financially!


    Reaching your potential at work!


    Living your best life ... fully!


    This coaching program is intended for people who are SERIOUS about making changes RIGHT NOW  and seriously want to change the trajectory of their life. 


    Clients learn how to:


    • Break self-sabotaging habits
    • Develop a confident relationship with themselves 
    • Learn how to be confident at "The Touch of a Button"
    • Learn how to take action in a confident, powerful way.
    • Redefine themselves to realize the newest most powerful version of themselves


    Your coaching experience includes:


    • Weekly video coaching
    • Coaching notes
    • Weekly assignments for accountability and action
    • Access to Coach Fred via email and Volley
    • Unlimited VIP text access


    This is for people who are serious about making changes in their life and can't put it off any longer.


    If that's you, then let's get started RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW TODAY!!

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