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Confidence Mastery for Kids! 10-Month Virtual Coaching Program

*** Pay in full and you'll get 2 months FREE! ***

Confidence Mastery for Kids! 10-Month Virtual Coaching Program

  • *** Paying in full will get you 2 months FREE!! But if you want to check out a more affordable payment option, click here! ***


    Confidence Mastery for Kids takes the same confidence principles Coach Fred teaches kids of all ages and teaches them in digestible chunks as a guidebook for kids of all ages!!


    This ten-month coaching program will help your kids learn how to:


    • Use their natural born strengths to build true confidence from within
    • Apply confidence exercises to practice daily to ultimately create real life success!
    • Attack challenges, be bold, make an impact, be visible, set big goals, and have big dreams.


    This program also includes a monthly group coaching call with Coach Fred that is jam packed full of fun exercises along with mentoring to help guide kids through everyday troubles!


    Sunday emails of Weekly Confidence Challenges along with Daily Confidence Challenges that kids can complete on their own time!


    Your kids will discover how to unleash their confidence and creativity and control their mindset, get honest with themselves, and take action in every area of their life. Confidence Mastery for Kids is the best investment you can make in your child’s life!


    Get your kids in Confidence Mastery for Kids today!!

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