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The Explosion in Lebanon Brought Back Bad Memories

What happened in Lebanon a few days ago reminded me of the fallout from 9/11. It put me in a weird space of PTSD.

STAY OFF THE NEWS!! That’s what I tell people. But wait...


This is what I said on a Facebook LIVE a few days ago as I spoke about being THE CHANGE and the light in the world and making sure that we STOP spreading hate and START spreading love. 

THEN I went to Twitter and saw what was trending on the news. YES - the news. Face palm. But this was SERIOUS. A massive explosion that rocked the city of Beirut was trending on Twitter.

Let me explain how I get my news and why. This is how I get my news: I check to see what’s trending on Twitter, read a few articles, watch a video (MAYBE two) and then I’m out. I don’t CONSUME the news ALL DAY or ad nauseam because a lot of it is negative, altered truth and too much unnecessary fear based and divisive content that’s meant to make us (the general population) feel some type of way. 

BUT THIS… this was something I couldn’t ignore. After seeing video of this and hearing the people scream and cry in horror, I couldn’t help but to have a flashback of 9/11 and the impact of seeing planes explode into buildings. 

It literally was like watching a replay almost 20 years later.

I felt despair and heartache for the people that experienced this in Lebanon. Even though I live thousands of miles away. I’m stuck here and thinking, how can I help? 

Now there will ALWAYS be people that’ll say “we need to fix our own problems here at home” and I’m for that - YES. But at the same time, we need to care for those that are in immediate need. There are millions of people who need help around the world DAILY and we need to do our part to make sure that we do our part to help and provide great assistance.

2020 should teach us that the ones who are severely impacted and need the most help, will need our immediate assistance, care and love. 

Be sure you reach out to your Lebanese brothers and sisters and send them your love and prayers today. They so greatly need it.


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