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Kids create unstoppable confidence with Coach Fred!


Find out why Coach Fred is the parent's #1 choice to help kids increase confidence, motivation and inspiration! 

Meet Coach Fred

Coach Fred Blumenberg is a coach, husband and father who is well known for his high energy, enthusiasm and confidence! He believes that confidence is gaining clarity on what you want, staying committed to your purpose and being able to stay consistent even in the toughest times. If you’re ready for your child to gain unstoppable self-confidence then READ MORE about Coach Fred's story!


What Parents Say About Coach Fred!


"Fred was more effective and communicative than any other professional we had worked with for our daughter.

Not only did he provide her with constructive direction and consistent encouragement, but us as parents as well - cheering us on with successes and rallying behind us when we were discouraged. We wouldn’t hesitate to hire Fred again!"

Jennifer Wilson


"Coach Fred has such a positive energy that made it easy for my daughter to relate and open up to.

She always looked forward to their sessions. He always keeps it real and shows genuine concern and a want to help each individual.  Highly recommend!!"

Steffanie Wilson

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