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Your Fears Want to Stop You

WARNING WARNING your fears are warning you to turn back around and seek shelter! Are you listening to them or are you pursuing your dreams ANYWAY?

We’ve all had the tornado dream. You know… the one where the tornado literally feels like it’s coming for you. It’s so real, so vivid and so life-like that you swear you truly are in Kansas. 


I’m not a dream expert so I had to go to Google to figure out what the tornado dream represents. Here’s what I learned:

Tornadoes in your dreams represent your unresolved anger. If you are trying to cope with an issue or you’re feeling upset about something, let me suggest the 5-Minute F-U. 

The best thing about letting out your anger in 5-minutes is that it’s a good way to release all of your inner vile anger so you can get on with your day. 

Tornado dreams are your fears coming to life. If you’re like me, you’ve taken on a shit ton of work and you may be feeling apprehensive about the daunting tasks that lie ahead. 

To attack your fears, you’re going to need my book of AUTHENTIC quotes to keep you going! Keep your fire lit and get your copy today! ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

The things that have helped me through uncertain times is to take massive action. My mind can rest when I’ve taken massive action because it means that I’m doing work that’ll move the needle. 

If you’re not doing enough or you are overanalyzing a situation, it’s because you haven’t taken enough action to put your mind at rest.

Take more action. Do more work. Get results. Repeat.

Tornadoes are powerful, destructive and untamed. If you’re going through a huge transformation, a tornado could represent ALL OF THAT!

Stay positive,


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