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Your Comfort Zone Promotes Laziness

Your Comfort Zone will make you so lazy that you won't even realize that it's destroying you until it's too late.

Being lazy is a disease. Yes, I took it there. In fact, it’s like cancer. Yes, I’m taking it further.


Comfort might as well be laziness because most people allow themselves to get comfortable and thus you reach a level of comfort that makes you lazy.

But you're quarantined because of COVID right? There’s no way that you can do anything to change your situation and make it better right?


We’ve all reached a level of comfort somewhere but the key is to diagnose it and stop running from it.

You run your life in patterns. You have to recognize the pattern that you’re working with. Now, I get it, things have changed drastically over the past few months so it feels like there’s no pattern in your life.


There IS. You just haven’t allowed yourself to stop and recognize it.

Here’s the deal, you know what to expect during certain times of the day, week and month. You know how things play out. So how do you get stuck?

You’re not yet sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You’ve allowed yourself to do a few bad things here and be a few minutes late over there. You’ve allowed yourself to overspend a little here and to not follow up with those people over there. And what you haven’t realized is that you’ve set a new pattern in motion to the things that you’re allowing to happen that you know you shouldn’t be letting happen.

It’s your pattern. When it finally gets to a point where you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of bad results, that’s when you finally realize there’s a problem.

You've allowed yourself to get lazy. You've allowed for one small thing to turn into a big headache.

How do you avoid this constant cycle of madness?

When things get complicated, you simplify.

It’s time to make things super simple and declutter your mind with what’s priority and what can wait.

You must have a routine. I don’t want to hear the bullshit about how your schedule is so wacky and how no two days are alike. That’s bullshit. You have some sort of routine going right now. The problem is that you haven’t stopped to check to see if it’s working for you.

A routine works wonders.

  • Saves you time.

  • Triggers you to do work without deciding what to do and when to do it.

  • Helps you to be efficient and productive.

  • Helps you make less decisions (saving you energy).

Get hard shit done first. Most people save the hard shit for last or for the middle of the day. Get what you can get done EARLY.

Have a Top 3 List. I do this every morning. Your Top 3 List should look like this:

W - Who do you need to help today. An entrepreneur is ALWAYS looking to help others, NOT just themselves.

I - Individual goal. What individual goal are you looking to attain today? This is a Momentum Goal or an easy goal to help you progress to an ultimate goal.

N - Numbers goal. What numerical goal are you looking to attain today? Again, a Momentum Goal - low hanging fruit.

Your Top 3 List spells out WIN. At the end of the day, you want to WIN the day.

GET URGENT! Most people have an extremely hard time getting urgent when there’s no reason to be. It’s like getting ready for Winter in the dead of Summer. Winter seems so far away, yet it’s only 90 days til Fall weather shows up.

I always think six months ahead. So my mindset is on JAN 9, 2021. What should I be doing RIGHT NOW that will get me to where I want to be on JAN 9, 2021.

I’m urgent about everything. Because guess what, JAN 9th, 2021 will be here in the snap of a finger.

Urgency requires you to:

  • Be extremely clear on the goal to attain.

  • Be PAINFULLY consistent

  • Set short deadlines (Momentum Goal deadlines)


Don’t allow yourself to slip into laziness and then sell yourself on the fact that it’s okay to be lazy. Because if you sell yourself enough times, you’ll have an extremely hard time getting back on track.

Stay positive,


If you're having a hard time dealing with pressure, then let me lift you up with a text!

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