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YES - I Have My Ugly Moments Too

Don't be fooled, I DEFINITELY have some 'not so positive' moments and they're not pretty.

I talk about being positive and upbeat ALL THE TIME. It would make you think that I NEVER have a down moment. You want the truth? ...


I have PLENTY of moments where I lose my shit. YES, Mr. Positivity gets angry and sometimes down and out.

Here are some of my lowly moments in the past few weeks:

The internet went out yesterday and I was ready to kill people. I live in northern Idaho in a small town so our internet service provider isn’t the best but it’s what it is. When our internet went out, I was at a loss.

And it wasn’t that it just went out, it was the fact that we couldn’t contact a person to help.

Also, we didn’t realize that our service provider was sold to another company to which we didn’t even know about!?! My anger level rose quickly.

But here’s where my training on staying positive helped.

  • I remained calm.

  • Even though I was running into brick walls, I asked Michelle to help me.

  • I took a mini break.

  • I FOCUSED ONLY on what I could do.

  • I went to Twitter to contact my ISP (Internet Service Provider).

After all of that, I was able to get an answer from my ISP of whom I communicated with via Twitter DM!

I wasn't done there.

Once I got the info, I moved to calling the new ISP. I was on hold for 30-minutes before getting a real person. Once I was in contact with the right person (after 2-½ hours trying to solve this problem), I was able to get our internet working again.


Another story involves my angel kids who just love to fight and bicker with one another. This can drive ANY PARENT bat-shit crazy. Since we’ve been quarantined, my patience level is tested DAILY. The hard part with my patience level and my kids is that I KNOW my kids and I know how they’ll respond at any given time in any given situation.

Everyday, our kids have been getting started with their schooling around 10 AM. This is already a challenging time because we have four kids on four different schooling levels. Trying to be a teacher to all of them at the same time is maddening.

YES, there are times I lose my shit.

  • I’ve learned to walk away for a few minutes to gather myself.

  • I’ve gone to a “quiet room” where I just need five minutes by myself. I say “quiet” because there aren’t any quiet rooms in this house, it’s just less noisy.

  • I’ve stopped myself and had to mentally remind myself that they are kids trying to adapt to “school” while being in the comfort of home.

  • I’ve had to mentally say to myself, “they’re just being kids. That’s what they’re supposed to do.”

  • I’ve used the 5-Min FU. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click this link and watch the video.

I’m not perfect. I’m not ALWAYS positive. I’m not ALWAYS upbeat where everything bounces my way.

But what I DO KNOW how to do is to BE POSITIVE AND UPBEAT NO MATTER WHAT. I have tools that I’ve used for decades that have helped me in any situation. I’ve experienced MANY hardships and I know exactly how to get my mind right to always be on Attack Mode.

You see, it’s NOT about NEVER experiencing heartache or NEVER being mad or unhappy. It’s about having the right tools to recognize what’s going on to make you unhappy, quickly getting you out of your funk, and taking action to always make progress.

I want this article to help you understand ONE THING about me: I will ALWAYS show you my faults. I will ALWAYS show you my mess ups. I will ALWAYS show you how and why I made those mistakes and how I’m working to fix them or HAVE FIXED them.

It’s about helping others. This is NOT about me, it’s about helping a community of people who are real. No … no wait, it’s about helping a community of people who are AUTHENTIC. People who are NOT AFRAID of exposing the good, the bad and the ugly parts of their lives to help out others.


If you want to be a part of AUTHENTIC communities, please click on the links below and be uplifted DAILY!

Stay positive,


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