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Work From Home? Why Not!

COVID-19 has forced people to work from home. Are you paying attention to the trend or are you acting like it's going to stay the same when it's all said and done with?

COVID-19 has proven that you need to find a way to make money from home RIGHT NOW!


In 2015, I decided to do something drastically different. I decided that it was time for me to make money online.

** Gasps from the Hindsight Gurus **

I know, I get it. It’s not traditional, it doesn’t sound safe and it doesn’t sound reasonable because I have a family.

But there were a few glaring facts that I realized as I was swiftly let go of a job that I really like in 2015:

  • There’s zero company loyalty

  • You are MORE expendable than ever

  • Bottom line: companies want to increase revenue and profit while cutting costs.

  • Companies will do whatever it takes to keep THEM in business unless you can increase their revenue and profits while cutting their costs.

The header photo is me, on the couch, at 2am working on my online coaching business. And I LOVE IT! Why? Because it’s MINE.

I’m not making millions of dollars online YET, but I will tell you that I’m extremely proud of the progress that I’ve made. In fact, I’m more proud of the progress I’ve made in 2 years of my coaching business than all the years of being in school and in the job force combined.

Being quarantined should make you sit still and start designing the life that you want. Perhaps you are like I was in 2015. You see, I knew what I liked and what made me happy but I kept whoring myself out to any job that would just pay me $X dollars per hour.

2015 was my breaking point. I sat in the parking lot of my old job and sat in silence.

I knew I needed to ask myself a series of questions and be super HONEST - only YES and NO answers. No fluff. No bullshit.

  • Do you want to work a 9-5 job for the rest of your life? NO - I hate working these jobs.

  • What do you want to do? I want to work for myself and create my own AWESOME work environment of people who LOVE coming to work.

  • Are you a good dad? NO. I could always be better. I need to spend more time with them and stop partying all the damn time.

  • Do you want to be a millionaire? YES. I want to be a multimillionaire. I’m tired of struggling and living in the middle or being average.

  • Are you a good husband? NO. I could always be better. I need to do more around the house and be present when I’m home and stop being so self-centered.

  • In order to get the life that you want, are you willing to sacrifice your favorite things? YES. I know I have to do a 180° and do everything opposite of what I’m doing now. I can't be average.

  • Are you willing to give up your friends to get to the top? YES. If they truly support me, then they’ll support my decision to be a better person overall.

  • Are you okay with being hated on by many? YES. I can deal with the haters.

  • Are you worried about changing your mind if your family doesn’t agree with your decision? NO. I’ve lived long enough like this. I HAVE TO CHANGE NOW.

Here's the deal: I could foresee where things were headed when it came to the job scene. I decided back then (in 2015) to make a move to making money online. I'm no Nostradamus but I could tell based on my personal observations with certain trends in the workforce that it would be wise to get in the online space of making money.

That was five years ago. Time flies. It wouldn't surprise me if by 2030, 30-45% of today's traditional jobs are turned over to robots or some for of automation.

So what are you doing to get ahead of that? Once everyone is let back into the workforce, it'll make it infinitely easier for employers to cut cost and get rid of people that don't bring value to the bottom line. Profit for the company.

Don't be the stubborn one and fighting the fight for things to be "the way they used to be." THINGS ARE CHANGING BEFORE YOUR EYES. Do you see it? Are you hopping on this train? If not, then you will get ran over by it.

Get in the space of making money online. You NEED to have a sit down moment with yourself RIGHT NOW. Your time is NOW. You can create ANYTHING you want to create as long as you’re willing to be committed to seeing yourself through to the finish line.

Are you committed to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of? It’s time to STOP dreaming and it’s time to START pursuing the dream!

Do you need motivation to get started? Text me!

Text the word “POSITIVE” to +1-630-391-2549 and receive one uplifting positive text message a day

Stay positive


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