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Winning Is ___________ (Fill in the Blank)

Winning has been devalued in our society. So much so that everyone gets participation trophies for everything. Have you clearly defined what winning means to you?

Winning. Most people want it but most people act like it isn’t everything. Why do they lie to themselves like this?


One of the things that I used to do was claim that I wasn’t all about winning. And then I’d wonder why I wasn't getting ahead in life.

What I didn’t understand is that my mindset was a correlation to how I lived my life. I didn’t care to win. So I didn’t. I was all about the fun of the journey. So I seeked fun instead of results.

Let me make this short and simple.

WINNING. It’s the ONLY thing.

EVERYTHING that you do is to get a good feeling. You’re constantly looking to win at something. Anything. EVERYTHING.

If you’re constantly looking to win at everything, then WINNING is the only thing.

Winning is the good feeling that you get from what you’re doing. When you’re not winning, you don’t feel good. No matter how much “fun” you’re having, it’s short lived. It’s not fulfilling.

Are you making winning essential in your life?

Are you focused on how to win at the new things you’re trying?

Are you making WINNING a priority?

Make WINNING the ONLY thing you go after in life. I know you like the WINNING shirt! Get yours by clicking here! ➡️ Get the same WINNING t-shirt that Fred has on!

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Stay positive


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