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When It's You Versus You - YOU ALWAYS WIN

The best way to gain clarity and perspective on your stance in life is to do the one thing that's the easiest yet most difficult things for people to do: Compare yourself to yourself.

Most people are comparing their Hall of Fame highlight reel to someone else’s blooper reel.


Why do people compare themselves to others? It’s the most counterproductive thing you could ever do. But I get it. People want to see if they measure up to what they think is success or what they think is the pinnacle of something.

I used to do this. I used to heavily compare myself to others. I’d look at my life and then compare DOWN. THEN, I’d look to talk about people who were actually looking to improve their lives. WORST, I’d make fun of their mistakes and then wait for their demise.

What the hell was wrong with me? I was being utterly ridiculous and petty. Not to mention, I was going NOWHERE in my own life yet I wanted to talk about someone else going for the gold.

Deep down, I was unhappy with my own life. I was too chicken and afraid to go for the gold in my own life so I’d sit back in the stands and watch, analyze and make fun of the ones working to be their best.

What made me change?

I got tired of my life. I got tired of my stagnant results. I got tired of the losers around me. I got tired of losing. I got tired of MYSELF. I GOT TIRED.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. A lot of people are TIRED. Most people allow their distractions to keep them away from what they need to be tending to. This period of being quarantined is THE PERFECT TIME to tend to the things that have you TIRED.

Stop comparing yourself. STOP THINKING other people have a perfect life and YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE with a fucked up life. That’s simply NOT true.

What’s true? EVERYONE is dealing with problems, demons and vices. EVERYONE is on a different level with all of these things. EVERYONE is fighting against something.

So what should you do?

Stay in your lane and drive your own race. Nothing else matters. What someone else gets, loses, makes, destroys has ZERO BEARING on your life.

When you focus on you and how to maximize your situation, you have clarity. You find your purpose and you find the right people to be around.

Gain supreme clarity and have sharper focus. We have so many distractions in this world that it’s a wonder that ANYTHING ever gets done. Limit your distractions. In fact, STARVE THEM. One of the first things that I did was to watch less TV, less sports, less news, less entertainment.

This didn’t mean I stopped watching everything, I just had more control of what I was going to allow in my life.

This also opened a space in my mind to actually be good with finding out what I liked. YES. Feeling the need to be less entertained by outside things had helped me to quiet my mind long enough to find out what actually stimulates me.

TV alone is constantly programming your mind.

It shows you programs of perfect people, celebrities, superstars, the super rich and then delivers you bad news about the world. Oh and don’t forget the constant commercial advertising of what you should BUY NOW!

Turn it off and find out what YOU want in life.

Have quiet time to yourself. This quarantine period has shown you that most people can’t stand themselves. It doesn’t surprise me. I get it. It’s hard to be in the house. People want to get out and do stuff and I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND.

But how do you improve your life and any situation without needing a life altering situation to improve your life?

Take time to meditate or to create a vision board. Take time to design your life and what you truly want in this life. Create quiet time for yourself to JUST BE BY YOURSELF. It’s okay. This helps you gain clarity. It helps you to define what YOU WANT and not what has been programmed to you of what you THINK YOU WANT.

This also helps you to define what success means to you. The world will tell you that success is millions of dollars, a private jet and a mansion in the hills. Success could literally mean getting out of the bed for today. It could mean spending time with your family when you want. It could mean making enough money to pay your bills and having some left over to not fret or worry.

You must have time to quiet your mind for the day. It’s essential.

Keep everything SUPER SIMPLE. This is probably my most important rule in life. Everything you do needs to be extremely simple. We’re working to condense our time frames to solving problems and not extend them. Most people extend their time frames with problems by adding in feelings and emotions to decision making as opposed to keeping it simple with a yes/no answer.

I get it, life happens. But any time someone says that something is complicated, it usually involves a lot of emotion in the thought process to a decision.

Keep things simple. If you want something, go for it - REGARDLESS of how others feel. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it - REGARDLESS of how people will react.

When you simplify life, life becomes simple.

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Stay positive


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